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  • NAME Jennifer Graves
  • BIO Jennifer was raised in Phoenix, Arizona and between childhood, college, and growing up, she's pretty much lived all over the Valley. She graduated from ASU in 2003 and absolutely loves this state! You can usually find her at the bookstore devouring all sorts of literature, dancing all night at clubs with the best DJs, hanging out with her family, or trying desperately to catch up on sleep. Jennifer is very connected throughout Phoenix and is always lucky enough to find herself with invitations to the most random and wonderful events. Writing has always been a major part of her life, from grade school contests to blogging to helping with copious amounts of college papers, Jennifer is excited to be writing for HauteLiving.com and sharing her insider Phoenician tips with our readership!

Articles By Jennifer Graves

Destination Spa Haute Spot: Cal-a-Vie

If you have access to getaway to 200 private acres of rolling hills that house one of the world's finest destination spas, then you are one incredibly lucky person. Cal-a-Vie is the desintation health spa and resort tucked up and away in Souther California that is a favorite among celebrities and the nation's elite that keeps it's secrecy in tact and it's exclusivity on the forefront, creating an environment that promotoes personal wellness to the highest degree. Read More

The Best Brunch in San Diego: West Coast Tavern

Brunch is back in such a big way in San Diego, and with all kinds of restaurants offering up great brunch menus on the weekends, West Coast Tavern is definitely in good company for the newest trendy dining hour. Located in North Park, West Coast Tavern is already incredibly popular for it's happy hour and dinners, but brunch at this great spot is something that needs to be seen. Read More

Haute Spot: Best Places to Watch the NBA All-Stars Game in San Diego

This weekend starts off the NBA All-Stars games in Los Angeles, and as their next-door neighbor, if you're not on the road to participate in the festivites, then you should definitely be in one of the hottest sports bars in town to watch the line-up! From slam dunk contests, to three-on-three, to all-star celebrity games, you have to check out these events and let the best of the best showcase their talent on-screen. The games begin tonight, with the TMobile Rookie and Youth Challenge, and All-Star sports interviews on ESPN. Saturday follows with the annual Sprite Slam Dunk Contest, which is always incredibly fun to watch. Sunday is the big event, with the NBA All-Star game at 7pm ET. All of these events, and many more involving the All-Star Weekend, on ESPN and TN, and we need to represent the West Coast! Read More

Hautels: The Andaz is San Diego’s Hottest New Luxury Hotel

It's hard to be the trendiest spot in The Gaslamp Quarter, because everything is trendy, everything is hip, everything is unique and fun, but the new Andaz San Diego, located right in the heart of the quarter, is doing an admirable job of taking that title. While the area hosts such hipster hotel names as The Hard Rock and The W, the Andaz is bringing in a subtle coolness that isn't going unnoticed, and serving up an extra side of generosity, something most hotels overlook. The Andaz, formerly The Ivy Hotel, is 159 rooms of urban style and fuss-free decor that includes flat-screens and glass-encased bathrooms. The sleek, city feel of the hotel starts at the front desk, where you aren't greeted by a large staff typing away behind a long desk, instead you are welcomed by a good-looking, suited employee on a thin laptop amidst modern couches and low-lighting. While you wait, there are complimentary snacks to greet you at the desk, and then you're up to your room, catching a glimpse of the gorgeous Quarter Kitchen on your way to the elevator. Read More

Press the Flesh: The Top 5 Hook Up Bars in San Diego

Whether you're looking for your next serious significant other, or you're looking for your next fun night, this is the place to lay the groundwork for meeting that person. The entire city is pretty great for meeting people, whether it's strolling down the boardwalks, hitting up The Gaslamp Quarter's endless supply of great entertainment, or grabbing a Padres game, this city is wrought with young, fun, single people. There are so many amazing bars and clubs in this city, this list is almost impossible to create, but here's our shot at the Top 5 hook up bars in San Diego! Read More

The Big Game: The Top 5 Sports Bars in San Diego

Even though the Superbowl just passed, it doesn't mean you don't need some incredible spots to view your games and meet your friends for a weekend of hollering at screens and cheering your heart out. In San Diego, there are some really great spots all over the city, but there are a definite few that really stand out among the patrons of this amazing city. We've got it all, from laid-back bars, old-school boy's clubs, and mega-technology hi-def dens of sports glamour. While we could make a list of way more than we're showing here, this is our list of Top 5 sports bars in San Diego! Read More

San Diego is Joining the Pop-Up Restaurant Trend with Relate

What the heck is a pop-up restaurant? We found ourselves asking the same question recently when rumors of pop-ups were coming out of LA and New York, and now we're getting our first taste of one this month in San Diego, with Relate! A pop-up restaurant is basically the overtaking of a vacant space or restaurant by an amazing chef for a short amount of time. There isn't a lot of notice that they're coming, and there isn't a lot of time before they leave, but in that open window of space, a pop-up breaks up the monotony of dining in a town where you thin you've been everywhere and done everything! The menus, the locations, the people involved, none of it is permanent. It might last a month, it might last a week, and it might just last for dinner, but if you can jump in there while it's open, it's exciting! Read More

Haute Holiday: The Sweetheart Sail in San Diego

Everyone does the same stuff for Valentine's Day, right? There's the fancy dinner at a place you had to kill for a reservation at, maybe there's some dancing and maybe there's a walk along one of our glorious beaches, and then hopefully there's some behind-closed-doors action to top off the holiday. These events are nice, and always appreciated, but to mix it up this Valentine's Day, why don't you get tickets to the Sweetheart Sail and do something a little different this year? Something different like whisking your loved one away on the open sea with an actual tall ship in the Pacific. Read More

A Little Romance: The Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in San Diego

It's almost Valentine's Day and reservations are running low in availability, especially at a few of the more romantic spots in our wonderful city. There are so many options for romance in a city by the beach, you can dine on the water, you can dine near the water, you dine downtown, you can dine on a bluff, how does one choose?! While there are so many renowned romantic spots in San Diego, this is our Top 5 list for what we consider the most romance you can get with your meal. Of course there are many amazing venues that dish up the love and the smolder with every bite of their delectable food, but these five really stand out in romantic ambiance and that inexplicable love vibe that some restaurants really know how to produce. Read More

Lucky 7s: The Top 5 Chinese Restaurants in San Diego

While the rest of us are well on our way to breaking those New Year's resolutions already, the Chinese New Year is barely starting! In honor of this amazing and fun holiday, we're taking a look at a topic that every city needs to take seriously, and that's finding the best Chinese food in San Diego. People can be very particular about their beef and broccoli and sweet and sour, and we're not taking this job lightly! Finding great Chinese food is imperative to the resident's of all cities, and we're no different! Below are the picks we choose for the Top 5 Chinese restaurants in San Diego. Read More