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  • NAME Luxury Attaché
  • BIO Luxury Attaché is the premier concierge management company, catering exclusively to select leaders in the real estate, entertainment, corporate, hospitality, and fashion industries. Among the first of its kind to operate on a business-to-business model, Luxury Attaché has set the standard for personalized service across the country, offering access to an unrivaled repertoire of lifestyle expertise. Luxury Attaché is the ultimate asset in attracting and retaining high-end prospective residential buyers, commercial tenants, and hotel guests. Each exceptional client within our portfolio chooses to collaborate with our team of hand-selected, expertly trained Attachés for this very reason. Corporate clients are supported by specialized loyalty programs, leaving the day-to-day to the Attaché. Our onsite Attachés provide a single touch point with seamless, same-day turnaround and personalization down to the very last detail, becoming an integral part of our clients’ everyday lives. Founder and CEO Jenene Ronick is one of the foremost experts in concierge services and lifestyle management. Over the past 10 years, Jenene forged and executed concierge programs with some of the world’s leading hoteliers, real estate developers, hedge funds, and Fortune 500 clients. Previously, Jenene ran guest relations at CNN for 7 years. At CNN, she learned to address the exacting demands of high net worth clients, and developed relationships with hundreds of exclusive vendors to seamlessly execute and exceed requirements. At Luxury Attaché, she leveraged her expertise to create a unique lifestyle service provision fueled by proactivity to provide clients with personalized service delivery, access, convenience and once in-a-lifetime experiences. Jenene attended the NYU Stern School of Business, and the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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