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David August’s Obsession with Detail

Well known for its over the top attention to detail, David August dresses the superstars of business, sports and entertainment. Our team includes the finest Master Tailors in the world, who meticulously handcraft your clothing with exquisite detail and unmatched precision. Every fabric choice, every…Read The Full Post

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Grilling Up Some Magic With R.H. Peterson

Picture this: Family and friends surround you, enjoying that time honored and relaxing tradition of the summer barbecue. Thick steaks sizzle on the grill, the aroma signifying the unmistakable start of summer. It’s what R.H. Peterson Company describes as the magic hour, that glorious hour when the golden light of the sun is just beginning to fall and the world around you is simply aglow. And your magic hour is made perfect when you’re cooking on a Fire Magic Premium Grill. Read More

Corum Announced as the Presenter for the Bol d’Or Mirabaud

Attention all watch collectors and sailing enthusiasts: global watch designer Corum has announced its new partnership with Bol d’Or Mirabaud by becoming the presenting sponsor of the European regatta. Taking place from June 11-13, the Bol d’Or Mirabaud is one of the world's most noteworthy regattas in the inland, and will be celebrating its 72nd birthday in 2010. What better way to honor another year of success than with such a revered luxury watchmaker as Corum? Read More


2010’s Top 29 Cities

A new 2010 list of the top 29 cities to live in has been released, and naturally Haute Living's favorite markets made the cut. From the best areas to play, work, and live, to the region holding the best dating odds, check out the ranking of cities from around the globe most suited for men. Read More


Haute Films: Cannes Film Festival Announces 2010 Line Up

As tradition goes, Cannes aka Cote d’Azur has been the French playground due to its scenic landscapes, beautiful architecture and haute vie attitude, not to mention the ideal location for the world’s hautest film festival. The time of year has come, when the fabulous load their yachts, pack their luggage with couture and head to one of the most chic events in the world, the Cannes Film Festival. Good news has finally arrived for all films buffs because the line up has been announced and this year we have the artistic talents of Tim Burton as President of the Competition Jury. Read More


Eclipse Facing Fierce Competition from A

Remember that tiny little boat Roman Abramovich decided to make? Eclipse, we believe it’s called? Well, it seems as though an intense “my-boat-is-better-than-yours” competition from fellow banking heir Andrey Melnichenko is commencing. Heck, it’s so fierce, Melnichenko gave it a one-letter name. The ostentatiously named A is a 394-foot bomb-proof boat that cost so much to build, it’s already put two companies out of businesses (possibly a third). Read More


The Getty Museum Transforms Food into a Piece of Art

Food turned art? The representation of food has expanded itself to become useful in more ways than one. A recent exhibition at the Getty Museum brings food away from its normal role of simply filling that hunger void in our stomachs and transformed it into a collection of art. The exhibition, called “In Focus: Tasteful Pictures,” features a wide expansion of works of art dating back more than 150 years to the mid-19th century into the present day. Read More


Yamashiro and Magic Castle Ownership Battle

A legal decision will finally be announced later this year in regards to the ownership of the 10-acre landmass that encompasses the Yamashiro restaurant and the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Current owners, family members of original buyer Thomas O. Glover who have owned the property for more than half a century, are enduring a lawsuit filed against them three years ago by hotel magnate Sean MacPherson. Read More