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Robert Irvine Lands on the Las Vegas Strip

The newest celebrity chef in Las Vegas just opened his own restaurant at the Tropicana. Food Network star Robert Irvine now has Robert Irvine's Public House, an ode to the comfort food he discovered through his travels. Read More

The Most Elaborate Truffle Dishes in Las Vegas

White truffle season comes around in late October, but that doesn't mean you can't find truffles on the menu in Las Vegas. Black truffles make a dish even more decadent. In Vegas, they top a must-eat soup, a Japanese spin on pizza, mac and cheese, potato chips and even creamed corn. Here's a look at five places to find truffles on the menu in Las Vegas. Read More

Haute Top 5: The Best Steakhouses in Las Vegas in 2017

Growing up in the Midwest, one of the staples of dinner was steak — nice hunks of cornfed beef served fresh from a farm. Luckily, Las Vegas knows how to grill up the best. Whether you like a big rib-eye or a petite filet, these top five steakhouses are sure to please. I like mine walking if you're ordering for me. Read More