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Chef Talk: Silvena Rowe

Chef Silvena Rowe, born from a Turkish father and Bulgarian mother, lived 28 years of her life in London. Silvena now resides in Dubai and is running the Omnia brand. Silvena grew in a family with big appetites, where everyone cooked and the most beautiful soul foods, especially those on her father’s side-from his Ottoman heritage. Read More

Top 5 Picks: From Fall Fashionistas in the UAE

As the season, changes all over the world, fashionistas and experts on fashion start forecasting what everyone will be wearing in fall. The biggest trends may be easy to point out since there were a few recurring themes whether we talk about the fashion week in Paris or it is the NY fashion week that is being considered. Read More

Top Gifts for Eid 2016

The dazzling events and celebrations of Dubai are underway as many prepare to celebrate the Eid al-Adha holiday across the UAE. If you're like many others and are searching for the perfect Eid gifts, have no fear. Check out this haute list and you'll be certain to please recipients with these fabulous items! Read More