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  • NAME Diane M. Byrne
  • BIO Diane M. Byrne is a longtime yachting journalist, with 17 years of experience cruising aboard and writing about some of the most luxurious yachts on the water. She travels regularly around the USA and Europe to get a first-hand look at the yachts in every stage of design and construction, plus meet and land exclusive interviews with the owners. Diane is additionally the owner and editor of MegayachtNews.org, the leading independent Web site devoted to this market. She and Megayacht News are regularly quoted and referenced by media outlets worldwide, including CNBC, CNN, Forbes, Fortune, and The Sunday Times (UK). She is additionally a board member of the International Superyacht Society and a founding member of the United States Superyacht Association.

Articles By Diane M. Byrne

Haute Yachts: Axcell 650 Catamaran Sport Yacht

Imagine a boat that blends the advantages of a catamaran with the thrill of a Hovercraft. That’s the Axcell 650 Catamaran Sport Yacht. Measuring 66'5” with the swim platform, the Axcell 650 is the result of a collaboration between MACS Research and noted megayacht designer J.C. Espinosa. Like all catamarans, the yacht features twin hulls that cut through the water efficiently for a smooth ride. A twist comes in the form of what MACS Research calls HybridAir Technology, which it has patented. Read More

The World’s Best Charter Yacht Experiences

Considering that every state except for Florida has snow on the ground right now, you may be in need of a great escape to somewhere warm. If so, here are five great destinations and equally great charter yachts you can book, courtesy of YCO. Note that many charter yachts quote their rates in euros these days, so the approximate dollar conversion rates are included here for your convenience. Read More

Haute Yachts: Last Wooden Riva Up for Auction

As I’ve written here before on Haute Yachts, runabouts built by Riva, especially their all-mahogany launches, have long been among the most coveted in the world. Recently, Marc Newson’s collaboration with Riva brought more attention to the iconic brand. Now, a well-known auction house is selling the last wooden-hulled Riva, and if you can’t attend in person, you can watch it live on television. Read More

Haute Yachts: DeLUXE San Diego to Attract Yacht Owners

If you’re in the mood for more than just California dreamin’, mark April 14 to 16 on your calendar. That’s when a new luxury lifestyle event called DeLUXE San Diego will be held, showcasing a variety of yachts, among other high-end products, and including several exclusive experiences. Read More

Haute Yachts: Introducing the Strand Craft 166 by Gray Design

Strand Craft may not have launched a yacht yet, but it garnered worldwide attention in 2010 for its dare-to-be-different approach: designing a 122-foot megayacht to tote a souped-up sportscar. Now that it reportedly has signed at least one contract to build that yacht, the Strand Craft 122, the team has unveiled a new, equally daring design. Read More

Haute Yachts: Sail Away Aboard Marie

There’s something unmistakably romantic about seeing a sailing yacht slip over the horizon. There’s also something romantic about a yacht owner with a famous sailing yacht tapping the same design and build teams to create a new one. Such is the case with Marie, a 180-footer delivered over the summer. Read More

Haute Yachts: Motoryacht Perle Bleue for Sale

The purchase of a multi-million-dollar yacht, especially a custom megayacht, is driven more by emotion than rationale. After all, as even the happiest yacht owner will tell you, no one needs a yacht; rather, the decision is based purely on desire. Read More

Haute Yachts: Tricon Marine Signs New Argos Gulfstream 70

When Tricon Marine premiered its first yacht, the Argos Gulfstream 92, in 2009, it garnered a good deal of publicity. The China-based boatbuilder, under Euro-American management, believed there was room in the marketplace for an intrepid expedition yacht that blended softer lines with the rugged looks that typically hallmark these launches. It also believed that yacht buyers should have a handful of sizes from which to choose under the 100-foot mark. Read More