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The Asian Art Museum is Hosting a Thriller of A Party For Upcoming Exhibit

On Thursday, May 17, the lights at the Asian Art Museum will dim down, and the void between the dead and the living will disappear, as guests will party with phantoms! Well it won’t be that haunting but the “Phantoms Asia Preview Party” will celebrate the upcoming exhibit’s artwork that explores the cosmos, afterlife and spirits. Read More

Of Demons, Dragons and Spray Paint: Gajin Fujita Adds Street Art to Ancient Japanese Style in Exhibition

Ukiyo-e, the popular artistic genre of woodblock print in 17th to 20th century Japan, is famed for its dreamy landscapes, depictions of heroes and its narratives of history. Now it’s the 21st century and ukiyo-e received an urban facelift from Gajin Fujita through graffiti, tatted up demons and street fighting samurais. Read More

Oakville Grocery To Reopen on May 22

Fresh food is hard to find now a days, I recently saw “Food Inc.” and my innocence to the meat grinding, mutated chicken developing, e coli ravaged world of modern day food was forever taken. But there are still pockets of hope in the United States for fresh unprocessed food. The Oakville Grocery in Napa Valley recently underwent renovation and will reopen on May 22, offering fresh food from local California farmers, artisans and purveyors. Read More

Moet & Chandon Bring “Sign For The Roses” To The Kentucky Derby

After “I’ll Have Another” won the Kentucky Derby on Saturday May 5, the only thing left to do was pop bottles in celebration of the 138th running of the “greatest two minutes in sports.” And what was the bubbly of choice? One that is synonymous with winning, none other than Moet & Chandon the official champagne partner of the derby. Read More