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Los Angeles

Where to Take Dad for a Haute Father’s Day

Father’s Day can mean a lot of different things: boxes of cigars, pinstriped ties and, of course, the quintessential “World’s Greatest Dad” mug. This Sunday, we suggest ditching these go-to gifts and showing dad your appreciation with a filling meal. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? Here are our haute picks for the best places to celebrate the most important man in your life. Read More

Los Angeles

Where to Celebrate Memorial Day in LA

There’s no question Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer festivities, which calls for al fresco brunches, rooftop pool parties, and everything in between. And after a brisk and chilly winter, Angelenos will surely be celebrating the three-day weekend on several levels. If you’re not spending a lazy day at the beach or firing up those grills at home, head to our haute picks for where to celebrate the holiday. Read More

Los Angeles

5 Haute Octopus Dishes in LA

A good plate of octopus is hard to come by, as turning these mysterious sea creatures into a vibrant salad, savory Carpaccio or tender braise takes a true culinary mastermind. Cooking octopus requires an investment—it takes long and slow hours before it becomes tender and ready to be manipulated, and its timing determines how dry and edible it is. To truly appreciate the art of a good octopus dish, we’ve come up with best places around town to enjoy our eight-tentacled friend. When swimming for options, head to these five haute spots. Read More

Los Angeles

5 Haute Places to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

The Mexican specialty isn’t hard to come by in Los Angeles—especially in a city where tableside ceviche or crab tostadas upstage the guacamole. However, all bets are off when it comes to Cinco de Mayo specials. Luckily, the holiday falls on a Sunday this year, which means you have the entire day to hop from muy loco event to the next. Here are our haute picks for the best places to celebrate Cinco de Mayo weekend. Read More