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Glam, Set, Match, A Sony Ericsson Open Exclusive

In case you haven’t heard, The Sony Ericsson Open will take place in Miami on March 23 to April 4. And with that in mind, we would like to take a moment to tell you about an exciting, pre-tournament, event known as “Glam, Set, Match.” Last year, “Glam, Set, Match” stopped traffic on Miami’s busiest street, Ocean Drive, and put Andy Murray and Venus Williams on top of two cars to play 'Traffic Tennis,’ and 2010 this year’s tournament is set to kick off in an equally entertaining way. Read More

Los Angeles

Hermès Redefines Luxury by Expanding their Product Line

Hermès, famous for its leather products such as the Birkin Bag, is expanding their already diverse product line. Already with 17 different departments which offer an array of luxury goods like handbags, men and women’s clothing, perfume, jewelry, and more is partnering up with companies like Eurocopter and the Wally Company to offer customers an entire new spin on luxury. Read More