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New York

Pro Guide: Haute Beauty Shopping In Paris

There are so many incredible things to do in Paris. From the Tuileries, to Sacre Coeur, the small streets of Montmartre. The scenery to the fabulous restaurants, street markets, hotels, spa’s and nightlife. However, my favorite places to visit in Paris are to do with beauty! Below are a few places that stick out, and we encourage you to visit them whilst in Paris. Read More

New York

Inside The World Of Haute Model Alana Zimmer

Many women are curious about what models use for skincare, their favorite makeup and some insider tips and tricks. After all, who better to talk beauty with than a model? They are directly involved with beauty gurus and pick up tricks worldwide. They make their living being beautiful so it's no wonder they've got a plethora of information to share with us gals! Read More