Alina & Anthony Shriver

CATEGORY: Power Couples
COMPANY: Best Buddies International
INDUSTRY: Philanthropy

WHAT MAKES THEM HAUTE: In 1989, when he was still in college, Anthony Kennedy Shriver founded Best Buddies International to foster relationships between those with intellectual disabilities and those without. It has since grown to have some 1,500 chapters around the world. It is estimated that 700,000 people are positively impacted by Best Buddies every year, a number that is set to grow in 2010 thanks to an international expansion effort led by Anthony. Alina is the vice president of art and merchandise for the organization, where she oversees the fine art collection comprised of works by artists like Lichtenstein, while also creating synergies with her other professional role as the exclusive licensing agent for pop artist Romero Britto. She also runs Shriver Art, an art consulting and marketing business that is responsible for the 35-foot Britto sculpture that was unveiled at the 5th Street entrance to Miami Beach last year.

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