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The Real Millionaires of New York

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Time is money.” This old adage certainly rings true for New York, the city that never sleeps. In fact, it was recently reported that The Empire State (pent)houses the most millionaires in the country. 2009 set a new bar for this statistic, as the percentage of millionaires located in the New York metropolitan area climbed a hefty 18.7% from 2008.

Chris Carel of Fast Toys Club Wants to Share His Passion

For Chris Carel, owner of Brentwood-based luxury and exotic car club Fast Toys, speed is more than just the quickest way from point A to point B, it’s a feeling. A physical and elated feeling that he gets from nothing else. “Of course it’s physical, it’s pure adrenaline,” he says, “When you are driving a car really fast you are just sitting there but by the end of the ride you are completely exhausted and sweating. It’s something you experience physically.

New York August/September 2014
New York August/September 2014