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10 Cool New Luxury Collaborations

We love it when luxury brands come together for unique limited-edition collaborations. The high-end companies we’ve chosen go together like peanut butter and jelly, Bogie and Bacall and chocolate and champagne. Take a peek at these fab collabs below!

‘Car Matchmaker’ Spike Feresten Picks 9 Luxury Vehicles That WILL Break the Bank

As the host of the new original series Car Matchmaker, Spike Fersten takes a prospective car buyer on a journey they’ll never forget. On his new show, the Emmy nominated writer, who previously worked with both David Letterman and on Seinfeld, meets with a buyer desperately looking for their ideal vehicle. Spike gets to know them, and then uses his humor, passion and automotive knowledge to find three different cars perfectly suited to that person. Expect to see a few of Spike’s celebrity pals such as Seth Meyers, Jerry Seinfeld, Will Forte and even Fabio to make cameos this season. In celebration of his new series, Spike decided to share his picks for the top luxury cars on the market. Warning (or is that a challenge?), these haute autos certainly cost a few pretty pennies…and then some.