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Balenciaga, Armani, and More: A Luxury Wing in Westfield Valley Fair

International luxury brands have formed a chic clique in Silicon Valley at the Westfield Valley Fair. Balenciaga, Giorgio Armani, and Prada are a few of the high-end retailers that occupy the ground floor of this Santa Clara retail destination, further validating that there is spending desire and sophistication south of San Francisco.

These Los Angeles Luxury Condos Offer Total Fitness right from Home

According to a recent story by the Los Angeles Times, this monotonous tedium of everyday Los Angeles life has already been spotted, examined, and exploited by L.A. real estate developers. Upcoming and some recently-opened luxury condos in the city will come fully equipped with full-size cardio decks, weight rooms, and even fitness classes. Now you really cannot make an excuse that there just isn’t enough time for the gym, after all, it’s right downstairs, lazy.