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Entrepreneurs Eve Recap

Chicago had tons of New Year’s Eve parties Monday night and a lot were great, but none were quite like Entrepreneurs Eve. Held at the Adler Planetarium the party was literally an event under the stars. Chicago’s business professionals came out in their finest duds…Read The Full Post

Haute 100 Update: PayPal Founder Peter Thiel Grants Young Entrepreneurs $100,000 to Skip College

Many of today’s success stories, especially in the tech entrepreneurial realm, didn’t require a college degree to come to fruition. PayPal founder, Silicon Valley heavyweight, and venture capitalist (he was the first to invest in Facebook) Peter Thiel has launched the “20 Under 20” program, which supports young entrepreneurs who choose to skip the traditional college route and straight into their dreams.

Man of Distinction: Ryan Seacrest Strives for Greatness Every Day

Ryan Seacrest could have been named “Biggest Overachiever” or “Most Likely to Be a Millionaire” in his high school yearbook and no one would have been surprised—he did earn six Emmy nominations, have his own nationally syndicated radio show, create his own production company and foundation, and has hosted one of television’s most popular shows for more than a decade.