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We feature all the latest news and reviews of the world’s most exclusive supercars, like this Bugatti Veyron wrapped in 24-karat gold. The eponymous villain in Austin Power’s Goldmember may love gold, but not as much as Miami rapper Flo Rida. The “Whistle” rapper decided to wrap…Read The Full Post

Haute 100 Update: Helio Castroneves the Latest to Sign on for V8 Supercar Race in Australia

Three-time Indianapolis 500 winner, Dancing with the Stars alum, Haute 100 Miami member, and talented race car driver Helio Castroneves is the latest of the drivers to sign up for October’s Gold Coast 600 V8 Supercar race at Surfers Paradise, Australia, and will be racing one of Stone Brothers Racing’s cars. The 36-year-old will share one of the team’s Ford Falcons with Tim Slade for the event, in which it is required that every team must run at least one international driver.

Arab Supercar Racers Face Crackdowns By London Police

The Bobbies will be concerned with a handful of automotive grandeur leisurely ripping through the streets of London this summer. It is known that at each year’s solstice, a fleet of sheikh oil tycoons escape their scorching domiciles for repose in the city. Too bad their form of relaxation lies in the speed of their extraordinary sports cars, which they have no difficulty trekking through plush-deluxe neighborhoods, fully equipped with vexed residents ready to defend against the unconcerned racers.

The Elite Car and Castle Tour – Luxurious European Travel by Supercar

Luxury European travel and exotic supercars – it’s about time those two things went hand-in-hand. While it is not unheard of to cruise an foreign countryside by car, the Elite Car and Castle Tour ups the ante with some extra speed. Let us be clear that this is not your average road trip. Developed by Austrian-based Como Travel, the tour is a three-week tour through England and Scotland in your choice of 15 of the highest-performing vehicles in the world.

New York February / March 2014
New York February / March 2014