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The Best Room Service Menus in Los Angeles

Ordering room service can be a treat, but it can also be pretty dismal as often, hotels offer a limited selection of standard fare to pick and choose from for those who don’t feel like leaving their suites. Luckily, our five picks go above and beyond the norm with the fabulous food found on their in-room dining menus.

5 Awe-Inspiring Hotel Lobbies in Los Angeles and Orange County

When you think about it, your opinion of a hotel begins the second you step inside its lobby. Is there marble involved? Is it spacious? Are you ready to ooh and ah? These are the questions we had in mind when coming up with our list of the five most awe-inspiring hotel lobbies in Los Angeles and Orange County. The good news—these entranceways are supremely beautiful. The better news? The rest of your experience at these luxury retreats is just as amazing.

Alternatives to Fred Segal for Los Angeles Inspired Fashion Looks

Fred Segal, once the ultimate retailer of Los Angeles-bred cool that was made mention of in classic L.A. films like Less Than Zero and Clueless, is losing its niche luster. And the opening of outlets at LAX and Las Vegas’s SLS Hotel is making long-time fans of the stores worry that the brand is dwindling in its dedication to L.A. fashion and becoming corporatized.

These worries are not unfounded, but luckily Los Angeles is never lacking in cutting-edge stores delivering luxury fashions for whatever look you are going for.