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On the Scene at the Inaugural Longines Los Angeles Masters

The inaugural Longines Los Angeles Masters was an unqualified success. The four-day event came to a close on Sunday afternoon with eighteen-year-old Belgian rider Jos Verlooy taking the top prize in the Longines Grand Prix, the most prestigious class of the four-day competition. Verlooy emerged the winner with a timing of 38.11 seconds; Steve Guerdat of Switzerland places second, and Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, placed third.

The Best Liquid Nitrogen Confections in Los Angeles

Do you want your dinner, dessert or drinks with a cool visual kick? If so, liquid nitrogen is the way to go. Bars, restaurants and even ice cream shops are popping up around Los Angeles that utilize LN2, which creates a cool (pardon the pun) visual spectacle as steam rises from the sub-zero temperature gas. We have to give a special nod to L.A. newcomer Barton G., who doesn’t just have one menu item using this molecular gastronomic trick, but has an entire bar devoted to it.

These Los Angeles Luxury Condos Offer Total Fitness right from Home

According to a recent story by the Los Angeles Times, this monotonous tedium of everyday Los Angeles life has already been spotted, examined, and exploited by L.A. real estate developers. Upcoming and some recently-opened luxury condos in the city will come fully equipped with full-size cardio decks, weight rooms, and even fitness classes. Now you really cannot make an excuse that there just isn’t enough time for the gym, after all, it’s right downstairs, lazy.