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Getty Museum Gets Turner: An Art Report of Triumph

Arriving late February, J.M.W. Turner’s “Modern Rome – Campo Vaccino” is moving into the 19th Century British Gallery of the J. Paul Getty Museum in Brentwood, California. Estimating at 44.9 million dollars and towering at 35.5 inches by 48 inches (90.2cm x 122cm), the 1839 original is a guaranteed win for the Los Angeles creative society.

The Getty Museum Transforms Food into a Piece of Art

Food turned art? The representation of food has expanded itself to become useful in more ways than one. A recent exhibition at the Getty Museum brings food away from its normal role of simply filling that hunger void in our stomachs and transformed it into a collection of art. The exhibition, called “In Focus: Tasteful Pictures,” features a wide expansion of works of art dating back more than 150 years to the mid-19th century into the present day.

Five Upcoming Cultural Events in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a bustling metropolis filled with entertainment and cultural events year-round. With an endless amount of galleries, concerts, shopping and museums, Los Angeles specifically has five upcoming cultural events worth noting in your calendar.