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The Top 5 Places for Outdoor Dining in Dubai

One of the best things about Dubai is the year round sunshine. Yet even as we enjoy the continual heat, it’s hard to ignore the scorching temperatures come summertime. Dubai dwellers nevertheless make the most of Dubai’s sweltering weather. Many restaurants renowned for their lovely outdoor settings have easily adapted and permit guests to continue al fresco dining even during the hottest months

The Top Five Late-Night Dining Restaurants in Las Vegas

It’s late. You’ve been out drinking. You need something in your stomach to get you home. That’s when you need a place that stays open late to find something good to eat. We’re not talking In-N-Out or Denny’s. We’re talking food you won’t regret in the morning. Here’s our look at the top 5 places to dine late at night. We promise you won’t wake up with a stomachache. Hangover? Maybe.