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Haute Time Boards the Usher Yacht with FP Journe and Louis XII Cognac

As part of its “Haute Collector” series, Haute Time and its CEO Kamal Hotchandani boarded the infamous Usher Yacht that is to be heavily featured in the upcoming Entourage film (that acts as a sequel to the HBO series of the same name). The boat was stacked the brim with its sponsors’ heavily coveted products: Louis XII cognac and F.P. Journe timepieces.

The Riva Iseo Adds Even More Luxurious Flair to that Yacht

The Riva Iseo is a quaint 27-foot runabout boat that is perfect as an add-on to your luxurious yacht, but also as a small-scale cruiser. Though the term “quaint” is certainly not a term often used in the context of the yachting world, but that once again provides more testimony to the designing prowess of Riva. The team always comes up with an aesthetic, and executes said desired aesthetic flawlessly.