Quick Hits: New York’s Best Workouts Right Now

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Fitness trends come and go, but incredible workout classes are hard to come by. From hardcore Pilates to New York’s best boxing class, these are the workouts that will whip you into shape before summer, and make you feel brand new after you’re finished.


SLT is known for being Pilates on steroids. This megaformer based workout targets the whole body with emphasis on glutes, arms, legs and core strength. Classes typically have about 10 people on the machines facing the instructor, who dictates a series of moves on the carriage: lunges, donkey kicks and plank to pike are a few of the most common. The 50-minute full-body workout is known for being one of the most difficult in the city, but if you can make it through your first class you'll be aching to come back.
Multiple locations in NYC

2 Exhale

Exhale provides classes such as Core Fusion Barre, Core Fusion Bootcamp and yoga. The Core Fusion Bootcamp, one of their best workouts, is a full body target class focusing on circuit training, cardio and stretching. Exhale's diverse class offerings make it one of the most well-rounded studios in the city.
Multiple locations in NYC

3 Overthrow Boxing Gym

Get ready to sweat like never before at this celeb-favorite boxing gym. You can choose from taking underground boxing or ring work classes, the latter being more advanced. The underground boxing classes are like a boxing bootcamp, with an intense warm-up followed by a boxing sequence on the bag, and often ending with practice with a partner. The basement where the class takes place gets really hot, so expect to detox your whole week of bad decisions in one go.


This full-body high intensity interval training class is 60-minutes of non-stop bodyweight exercises, core work, kettle bell exercises, TRX and resistance training with good music and motivating instructors. It's a bootcamp without the treadmills, and it will leave you breathless like you just completed military training. A couple days of this a week and you can (and will) be ripped like The Rock.
336 West 13th Street

5 New York Pilates

This trendy, reformer-based Pilates studio sticks with the traditional basics of the original workout. In 55 minutes, students complete a series of lunges, arm work and stretches on the carriage, which work to elongate the body and gradually tone. The instructors are all very knowledgeable and help make sure your form is perfect, for optimal results.
Multiple locations in NYC
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