A Haute 2017 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For the Guy in Your Life

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shutterstock_570652063Photo Credit: Dragana Gordic

Can’t figure out what to get your guy this Valentine’s Day? Have no fear: we’re here to help! Don’t say it with flowers, teddy bears or candy…get him something he’d really want! Here are seven high-end items that we know the luxury-loving man in your life secretly wishes for.

Johnnie Walker Odyssey
Johnnie Walker Odyssey

JOHNNIE WALKER & SONS ODYSSEY This awesome whiskey is made from three extraordinary single malts, carefully blended and married together in oak casks to enhance the intricate layering of flavors and impart an exquisite smoothness. With the first sip, he’ll taste toffee and honey, followed by cooked berries, roasted walnuts and top notes of delicate citrus. The finish is an impeccable, rich smokiness that seems to linger forever. This gorgeous whiskey is as beautiful in presentation as it is in taste: it comes in an ultra-modern crystal grade glass decanter, presented in elegant and ingenious box that enables it to swing freely back and forth yet always remain upright.

Available at Mel & Rose Wine, $999.99 


Bose Quiet Comfort 35
Bose Quiet Comfort 35

Photo Credit: Bose

BOSE QC35 WIRELESS HEADPHONES Bose’s noise-cancelling headphones are like the holy grail—for listening to music or for drowning out particularly unpleasant things. Ahem. You (and he) knows what they are! These headphones are sleek (especially in this silver shade), wireless and has microphones inside and outside the earcups that sends unwanted sounds the way of the gun. The headphone is also equipped with a digital equalizing system that balances sound, regardless of volume. It’s wrapped in Alcantara—the soft covering material used by prestigious international companies in various applications, like yachts and luxury cars—to provides comfort all day, e’ry day! The ear cushions are manufactured from a synthetic protein leather, and have a silicone bead for passive noise reduction. With impact-resistant materials, glass-filled nylon and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, they’re engineered to survive life on the go and, best yet, can survive without a charge for 20 hours. For an extra $100, you can also customize your headphones in a plethora of different ways—there are nine different parts to customize, 37 total colors, high-gloss and Anodized aluminum finishes and so on. We approve—and so will he. Deapool red and black are destined to be a top seller.

Available at Bose.com, $349.95

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