5 Haute Workouts in Boston to Get You in Shape for 2017

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Let’s admit it – January 2017 is all about committing to a healthier lifestyle. With every new year comes a new resolution to get into better shape.

If you are like the millions of Americans who need a little after-holiday boost to jump start your routine, look no further. We have rounded up five of the best fitness classes in Boston to get you on the right track.

1 Pure Strength

Whether you are looking to increase cardio, build strength or add more flexibility to your life, the Pure Strength class at Equinox promises to do it all, but it won't be easy. The 45-minute class strength building class alternates weight lifting with body resistance, so you might start off with pull-ups and end with arm presses or planks. The rotating exercises will keep you motivated and leave you feeling energized.
Equinox 131 Dartmouth Street Boston, MA 02116

2 The Bar Method

The Bar Method
If you are looking to tone up by stretching your muscles to their limit, The Bar Method has just the class for you. The total body workout will improve your arms, thighs and abs and improve your overall posture. Each class starts off with stretching to increase flexibility in your hamstrings then moves onto shoulder walks to sculpt your arms, one weight lifts to tone your quads and strengthen your back muscles, push-ups and reverse push-ups to tone your abs and build up your tricep muscles.
234 Clarendon Street Boston, MA 02116

3 Everybody Fights

Everybody Fights
Kickboxing has taken center stage here in Boston where sports is combined with an incredible workout. If you are looking to mix up your fitness routine, try a kick class; sign up for an hour of training and strengthening or hit the bags with some boxing rounds. You won't believe how fun working out can be.
15 Channel Center Boston, MA 02110

4 Rock Spot Climbing

Rock Spot Climbing
Whether you are an experienced climber or newbie to indoor rock rock climbing, this gym has what you need to get started in conquering your fear of heights. There is a 10,000 square foot continuous bouldering wall along with top ropes so you can swing from heights you never thought you'd reach on your first day. After soaring to new heights, relax in the lounge or head over to the on-site shop for some retail therapy.
30 Old Colony Avenue Boston, MA 02127

5 B/Spoke

Whether you are a first time rider or an experienced cyclist, B/Spoke will get you cruising onto the right path. The full-body 45-minute workout combines intense cardio with hand weights set to energized playlists so you will actually have a lot of fun while burning some of those holiday calories.
101 Federal Street Boston, MA 02110
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