Oktoberfest: Miami’s Best Breweries

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From Wynwood to MIA Breweries, craft, locally-made beer is officially a thing in Miami. And if you have a discerning palate, it should be your thing too. These brews have richer flavor, higher alcohol counts and better ingredients.  There is also a rarity factor, these beers aren’t always easy to find, making them oh-so-special. Make October your own personal Oktoberfest and try them all.

1 Wynwood Brewing Company:

Wynwood Brewing Company is the considered the mother of all local breweries. With its 15-barrell brewhouse and famous taproom, this family owned beer factory delivers more choices and beer styles than any other local brewery. On top of their seasonal offerings, they also provide brewery tours and are working on presenting an ultimate brewery tour bus. Our pick? La Rubia Blonde Ale.
565 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127 (305) 982-8732

2 Concrete Beach Brewery

Looking for craft beer infused with a Miami-Hispanic vibe of culture and flavor? Concrete Beach Brewery is your place. Equipped with an indoor and outdoor bar, Concrete Beach Brewery’s beer is available on draft and in bottles and cans. This beer team allows you to go behind the scenes and observe the breweries while learning about the craft beer making process and its entirety.
325 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127

3 M.I.A Beer Company

Located in Doral, M.I.A. Beer Company has plenty to choose from. With an aim to keep their homemade sense of variety on top, you are able to enjoy from more than 50 tap handles! They have 40 different beers in house with a full functioning restaurant. Along with selling their own crafted beer, they also provide beer brewed by others! Not only do they supply beer from the tap but also Sangria which leaves customers intrigued and willing. Our pick? The Domino Pilsner.
10400 NW 33rd St Suite 150, Doral, FL 33172

4 J Wakefield Brewing Company

After its opening in January of 2015, J Wakefield Brewing has quickly become one of the most respected and admired breweries in South Florida. Also residing in the Wynwood district, with an electric atmosphere boasting murals of comic and even Star Wars characters, the bar is a fun spot to have a cold one. Their craft beer styles include Berliner Weisse, India Pale Ale, English Smoked Porter, Hefeweizen, Russian Imperial Stout.
120 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127

5 Abbey Brewing Company

A wood-paneled hole in the wall on a residential street in South Beach, the Abbey Brewing Company has resisted change all around it. Not only is it unassuming, it's fun. They allow curious customers to taste before purchasing one of their award winning beers. Their beer is brewed in high gravity, giving it a distinctive taste to go along with the traditional ambiance. Try the special house recipe—the Immaculate IPA—an amber colored beer with a Midwest and Pacific Northwest taste.
1115-1117 16th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139
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