Where to Find the Best Artisanal Popsicles in Miami

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There are few things we’d willingly melt for here in SoFlo, but one of them, a retro symbol of childhood innocence and sticky fingers is the popsicle, and after discovering these spots, we’re considering keeping one in each hand. These days, the novelty treats are coming from trucks, include gluten free and vegan options, and use fresh fruits. Here are the delicious popsicle shops you need to put on your radar to keep cool and on trend.

1 Eccolopops

This shop has popsicles for your dog… what more could you want? Eccolopops is an Italian ice cream and popsicle shop that boasts vegan and paleo-friendly treats created by Italian, Filippo and his dog Milo, the shop’s mascot. The flavors are inventive, daring, and homemade with categories that include classic, mixed, tropical, cocktail, aloe, and paleo flavors. Indulge in freshness on a stick like the Papaya Lime flavor while your furry friend enjoys blueberry ice cream.
150 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33132 (786) 464-9093

2 Milk Gone Nuts

These pops pack major flavor molded into mind blowing shapes. MGN delivers expertly designed popsicles that are begging to be instagram’d. This Miami Beach Juice Bar freezes health on a stick with its coconut spinach pops or plum almond corn flavors. What makes these great flavors look as good as they taste are the designs that feature flowers, unique shapes, and freeze the pop into a giant swirl. MGN calls these Art Pops. We call them haute.
1840 Alton Road Miami Beach, Fl 33139 (305) 535-5000

3 Hip POPs

These freshly made beauties are crafted in a truck that travels around South Florida. Made of the healthiest ingredients, these Italian gelato popsicles are available via truck window or at your own POPup gelato bar at your private event upon request. Choose from a vast array of toppings, dippings, and gourmet chocolate coatings. Check-out their calendar of events to see where they’ll be next!

4 Popsy

Popsy is where we’re going to get the best of both worlds but avoid the unhealthy calories and additives of ice cream. At Popsy the original flavors are almost too good looking to eat, but then you bite into them, and they get better. The inside of the popsicles is a surprise of smooth liquid chocolate, or sweet cream encased in flavored paletas. What’s better? Each popsicle has a story behind it that inspired its creation: support of a Brazilian presidential candidate from 1945, bad moods, Elvis… Cool off with one of these artisanal and unique pops.
2198 NW 21st St Miami, Fl (305) 515 8004

5 Wonderfruit

This spot gets an A+ for presentation and color. We’re crazy about the fruity and refreshing looks of these pops (and they taste good too). Pick your favorite then design it by selecting flavors, toppings, and coatings (this writer is partial to the pistachios). Get your hands on one of these hand-crafted beauties.
401 Biscayne Blvd., R106 Miami, Fl 33132
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