BunnieCakes Fights for Lolita with Her Own Vegan Cupcake

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BunnieCakes Lolita Cupcake
BunnieCakes Lolita Cupcake

BunnieCakes, the popular vegan cupcake retailer, has joined up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (aka PETA) to help the fight to free Lolita. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, Lolita has been the resident orca, or “killer whale” at the Miami Seaquarium for many, many years. In fact, Lolita has spent 46 years in captivity in a laughably small 1960s-style tank. As a result animal activists have been trying for years to get her into better digs, or better yet, freed, with their unsuccessful “Free Lolita” campaign.

Lolita is likely the aquarium’s top breadwinner, putting on two shows a day, seven days a week, so they have been reluctant to oblige. The fight is far from over, however, with bold-faced Miami names rallying around her, calling for her “retirement.” Those that have publicly voiced concern include Mayor Philip Levine, Jorge Perez, Louis Aguirre, Daisy Fuentes, and DJ Irie.

To help the cause, and get supporters to literally “put their money where their mouth is” BunnieCakes has created a limited-edition Lolita cupcake. The tiny cakes will be on sale for a week from August 8th- August 15th for $2.50 a piece will all proceeds going towards her retirement campaign. Where will she go? The people would like to see her relocated to a sanctuary in Washington State, near her “birth waters” where she will be able to swim freely, but also get human interaction she has become accustomed to.

The cute vanilla cupcakes feature blue icing inspired by the sea, with fondant whale tails just like Lolita’s. Local public relations firm Zakarin Martinez is helping get the word out as principal Amy Zakarin is a well-known defender of animals in the community. You can help too by buying the cupcakes and sharing on social media using hashtags #BiteMeMSQ #CaptivityBites and #RetireLolita.

BunnieCakes Doughnuts
BunnieCakes Doughnuts
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