The 5 Must-See Outdoor Art Exhibits This Summer In NYC

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Summer in New York City signals many behavioral changes amongst those who dare to bare the heat all season long without a weekend escape. Aside from all of the rain, humidity and smells the city seems to generate during the summer, it can actually be an incredibly season to stay in New York. Those who chose to stay, seldom spend their time at home. This is the season to explore your city, mind you without the burden of local crowds, who have fled to their summer homes.

Amongst the many things New York City has to offer in the summer, one attribute unique to the season is the advent of outdoor art exhibits. These usually over-crowded sites become much more approachable if you’re willing to enjoy them under the summer heat. You know, survival of the fittest and whatnot. Here are five out door art exhibits to explore before you blink your eyes and summer is over.

1 Rockaway!

The Hamptons is so last summer. This year, take a short ride to Fort Tilden. Not only can you relax on the beach with ample space, but you can also check out Katharina Grosse's colorful exhibit. Put on by MoMA PS1, Grosse has transformed Fort Tilden's decaying aquatics building to reflect the bold colors of sunset in the Rockaways. This interactive installation has become a backdrop for summer festivities inside. Locals come here to picnic and have a casual drink surrounded by Grosse's colorful vision. Don't miss out!
Photo from Moma PS1 FB Page On view July 3–November 30, 2016 Fort Tilden (169 State Road)

2 Transitional Object (PsychoBarn)

The view at The Met Rooftop Garden just got a lot more spectacular with their unique summer exhibition. Transitional Object (PsychoBarn) by British artist Cornelia Parker is definitely a sight you don't want to miss. The large-sculpture was drew inspiration from two staples of American architecture—the classic red barn and the Bates family's sinister mansion from Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film Psycho. The contrast of this eerie façade against the backdrop of central park and the Manhattan skyline is something you (and most likely your Instagram followers) won't forget.

3 The Typewriter Project

The Poetry Society of New York is brining a whole new set of words into your world this summer. In a series of site-specific installations dubbed The Typewriter Project, The Poetry Society of New York are inviting you to join in a citywide linguistic interaction that exists in both the analog and digital realms. Not only will your wordy exchange be documented on a vintage typewriter with 100-foot long paper scroll, it will also be uploaded online through a custom-built USB Typewriter™ kit. Join the narrative this summer and release your inner poet at one of their citywide installations.
Photo via

4 Understanding

Martin Creed makes his mark on New York City once again with his bold installation. Put on by the Public Art Fund, the British artist uses a medium commonly used for advertising and road-side signs to create a conversation rather than selling an idea. The ten-foot-tall letters mounted on a 50-foot-long steel I-beam consistently rotates 360 degrees, always challenging us to think of Understanding in a different way and through a new perspective. Against the backdrop of the city skyline, it creates a truly inspirational setting to get some new insight this summer.
May 4, 2016 – Oct 23, 2016 Pier 6, Brooklyn Bridge Park Photo via

5 Meridian (Gold)

Mika Tajima's Meridian (Gold) is so much more than meets the eye. While it may appear as a mere base with either magenta or pale cyan vapor rising from it, it is actually directly corresponding to the real-time global sentiment for gold. Using the price fluctuation of this coveted commodity, Tajima challenges the idea that in actuality the material derives its worth from the social perception of its attributes. Whether you are able to realize Tajima's vision or not, it is still a mystifying experience to witness this summer.
June 9-September 25, 2016 Hunter's Point South Park, Long Island City Photo: Yasunori Matsui via
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