5 Places To Get A Taste Of The South Of France In NYC

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If you can’t make it to the South of France this summer, you can still get a taste of the high life in New York City. Outside of France itself, the city may just have the most impressive selection of French fine-dining restaurants in the world. Here are our five favorite restaurants to get a taste of the South of France this summer season.

1 MAMO Restaurant

Hailing from the French Riviera with over 23 years of culinary success is Massimo Sola's MAMO Restaurant. The Michelin-starred chef who you may know from Eataly Roma and Ristorante Quattro Mori has brought slice of Provençal charm to New York City. The original MAMO outpost in Antibes, dubbed MAMO Le Michelangelo has become a force for French fare in New York City. Their truffle ravioli, eggplant alla parmigiana and caponata provençal are true testaments to cuisine from the region brought to you in a beautiful light setting in the city.

2 La Sirène

Seared filet mignon topped with foie gras, shallots, port red wine, and truffles Sauce. Need we say more? At La Sirène the haute menu is crafted to reflect the best of South France and only the freshest ingredients of the season. Ever since it opened in 2007, the restaurant’s focus has been on French Southern homemade styles and quality ingredients, also known as Cuisine Bourgeoise. The La Sirène experience will leave you feeling entirely warm and welcomed with high-end comfort food and unlikely friendly French service.
558 Broome St

3 Claudette

There's something about Claudette. Traditional elements found in the Provençal kitchen are brought to your plate in the city through the curation of Chef Cedric Tovar. The menu focuses on local produce, seafood and North African aromatics with a wine selection from of Southern France, including Rosé and Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Where else can you get Rosé on tap in New York City? Their light French classics like tune niçoise and charred octopus are the perfect summer plates.
24 Fifth Avenue

4 Raoul's

Two brothers journeyed from France, to Soho, New York and have created what has become one of the city's most storied bistros. If these walls could talk they would have every major New York City socialite's secrets. Elite diners have gossiped away over truffle beignets and crab tartines for many years. Get your French fix this summer at the always trendy Raoul's.
180 Prince St

5 Marseille

Leave your worries in Manhattan and step into the wonderful world of Marseille. This culinary experience will transport you to the French coastal town through authentic cuisine. The region of Marseille is often referred to as the gateway of France to the Mediterranean. The food has been heavily influenced by its surrounding coastal countries. Take an adventure through Marseille and the Mediterranean with dishes like vegetable cous cous and Burgundy snails.
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