5 Most Decadent Desserts in Miami

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Yes, we know it’s swimsuit season. But it’s also work-out season, so that means you an indulge in these desserts that range from massive and over-the-top to simple classics.

1 Chocolate Gold Fondue at Sugar Factory

Sugar Factory has always been a go-to for their enormous, over-the-top, candy filled, alcoholic goblets, but their chocolate gold fondue takes the cake, so to speak. It comes with a long list of goodies starting with a gold coated dark chocolate truffle melted tableside with dark chocolate, served with gold chocolate nuggets, gold and chocolate truffles, gold dusted gummi bears, chocolate gold studded strawberries, gold leaf chocolate cupcakes, gold dusted homemade chocolate bars and any other toppings of your choice and presented alongside a Bottle of 2002 Dom Perignon and a Glass of Hardy Noces d’Or 50Yr Cognac. To top it off, each guest will receive a gift bag with a box of our hand crafted chocolates, a package of our signature homemade macaroons and a giant 2lb chocolate bar. This desert is priced and $1,000 and the restaurant requires a full days notice. At least your chocolate indulgences won't be spontaneous.
1144 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

2 Petits Gâteaux at Bachour Bakery + Bistro

This chocolate petite gâteau, crème brūlée and praline sponge cake with hazelnut crunch faulletine, topped with a dulce de leche macaron is one of our favorite chocolate treasures in Miami. Master Chef Antonio Bachour of Bachour Bakery + Bistro creates pastries and deserts like no other which all beautifully follow any meal prepared by Chef Henry Hané who heads the bistro aspect of the restaurant.
600 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131

3 Sasparilla Chocolate Cake at The Sasparilla Club

The Sasparilla Club may be known for it’s unique “American dim sum” style, but the deserts are just as special, ranging from ricotta fritters, to toffee ice cream floats, to strawberry buttermilk panna cotta. The Sasparilla chocolate cake (chocolate cake topped with rainbow root chips and glazed in honey butter and sea salt) is our absolute favorite.
One 18th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

4 Carré Three Layer Chocolate at Atelier Monnier

Find these "carrés" (French for "squares") made of dark, milk and white chocolate mousse, chocolate almond sponge cake in Atelier Monnier's cozy French bakery. While the bakery is typically visited for macaroons and wedding cakes, you get the best of both worlds with the carré. Who doesn't love a cake decorated in macaroons?
848 Brickell Ave #120 Miami, FL 33131

5 Strawberry Rhubarb Pie at The Dutch

Simple? Yes. To-die-for? Unquestionably. The Dutch is famous for their pies and the strawberry rhubarb pie tastes like a family recipe that has been passed down for centuries and is only one of their many daily pie specials. Pair it with the toasted almond ice cream for an even better gastronomical experience.
2201 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL
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