5 Haute NYC Meditation Spots That Calm The Mind

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Meditation just may be the ultimate luxury, and making the time during an average stress-filled New York day to center yourself is a luxury not everyone can afford. Practicing meditation became immersed into mainstream culture after a slew of studies promoted by health influencers listed the endless long and short-term benefits meditating can have on your body and mind. One of the most important ones being meditation’s ability to keep you looking young.

Some of the factors that contribute most to aging are the same ones that are combatted by meditation; things such as stress, anxiety, depression and high blood pressure. Take any president as an example, the looks they possess before they start age significantly quicker due to the high-stress nature of the job.

There are endless studies that illustrate this very notion. One in the International Journal of Neuroscience for example, measured the biological age of long and short-term meditators against that of the general population. After including factors such as blood pressure, hearing, vision, and skin elasticity, those who were long-term meditators appeared 12 years younger, and those who were short term meditators appeared five years younger than the general population.

We want to keep you looking young too; so here are your new go-to spots for meditation in New York City.

1 The Path

The Path creates a meditation space for the modern mind to flourish. Everyone is different, and meditation doesn’t have to be the exact same thing to each mind. The Path understands this and curates and open environment for everyone to decompress in their own way. Their meditation ‘sits’ take place at the most beautiful venues around town including The Standard, East Village and W Hotel.

2 MNDFL Meditation

Giving you the opportunity to explore traditional meditation techniques in a contemporary context is MNDFL Meditation. This non-imposing, non-religious and casual setting builds the perfect atmosphere for you to totally clear your headspace. If you are looking for a more intimate meditation practice, you can also opt to participate in a private one-on-one session.

3 Shibui Spa

In a tranquil haven at The Greenwich Hotel exists the perfect place to silence the loudness in your mind. Shibui Spa offers peaceful yoga and meditation classes alongside their beautiful pool, which will seriously change your life. Their experienced instructors tailor each session to support what your body and mind need most.

4 Breathe Salt Rooms

Combine your meditation with Dry Salt Therapy that uses micro-particles of pure salt to promote better breathing. The most important part of practicing meditation can be mastering your breath. The salt rooms will give you a that little extra help you may need to get your breathing into a meditative state. Beyond just helping you breathe better, these rooms are said to help alleviate symptoms of major respiratory and skin conditions.

5 Juvenex Spa

Bringing ancient meditation traditions from the Far East to New York City is Juvenex Spa. Their unique spa offers many spaces for you to practice your meditation. Think of a Jade Igloo Sauna, made of 20 tons of semi-precious stones, a Diamond Herbal Glass Steam Room, a Baked-Clay Detoxification Sauna, a Japanese-Style Soaking Ponds filled with Sake, a Kombu Algae, a Ginseng & All Natural Neem, Noni & Tea Tree. Now imagine them all under one roof!
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