Haute Secrets With Rudimental and Gorgon City Ahead of Their Las Vegas Tour Stop

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Las Vegas is in for a very special treat this Saturday night when two of the biggest electronic music acts in the world, Rudimental and Gorgon City, bring their co-headlining USA tour to The Foundry at SLS Las Vegas! Make no mistake, these are not basic EDM DJs pushing buttons on a laptop, but full bands that bring a ton of energy to their stage shows, which also include an impressive collection of different vocalists. Along Disclosure, Rudimental and Gorgon City have been leading the charge of cutting-edge UK electronic music acts who are now taking over in the US largely in part to their with their impressive live shows. We spoke with both bands ahead of their eagerly anticipated concert at The Foundry, to give you an exclusive sneak preview on what you can expect to see on Saturday night.

For many fans in the US, this is a dream pairing – two huge UK electronic bands teaming up together to throw the ultimate dance party. How did this co-headlining US tour come together?

Gorgon City: We have been friends with Rudimental for a while now and we’ve toured with them in Australia, the UK and Europe before. We both have new music out at the moment, so it felt perfect to join forces and play some big shows together in the USA!

Rudimental: Basically our relationship started through Black Butter, our family label. I first started working with them when they were called “Rack and Ruin”, pre Gorgon days..so we have been on this journey together for a few years, along with the likes of Disclosure and others. Our song “Feel the Love” paved the way for a lot of underground sounds expanding further than the British borders, it’s beautiful that we can tour together and stay true to the music that has always inspired us, from the pirate radio culture to playing for you guys in Vegas!

As you have busy touring demands around the world, the US tour is relatively short. Why was Las Vegas selected as one of the tour stops?

Gorgon City: We haven’t played Vegas yet, so it was a great addition to the tour. We can’t wait to get there and enjoy the place!

Rudimental: Because Vegas is the shit! It’s always a load of fun being there.

The Las Vegas Strip is still dominated by EDM DJs and your live shows are rooted more in songwriting and lots of live instrumentation. For those who might not yet be familiar with your music, what would you say they are in store for with your respective live shows?

Gorgon City: Expect a lot of live energy, vocals and sounds. We have a large live setup which takes a lot of work to set up and we are very proud of it. Hopefully the Vegas crowd will appreciate the live elements of the performance.

Rudimental: Our live shows are pure intensity and energy, sometimes you have 10 of us on stage all playing instruments, brass section, drums, singers. We’re from all walks of life but have been friends either through school or through music. It gets mad, it’s like a school trip without teachers sometimes!

For long-time fans who will be attending, are you road-testing any new material on this tour? Will there by any live improvisation on-stage with some of the back catalog?

Gorgon City: Yes, we have developed a new show for this tour with new songs from our new record, “Kingdom” and also extra experimental sections and surprises!

Rudimental: Yeah we’ve got new songs we’ve been making, we’re creating all the time you know. Naturally our live shows aren’t always exactly the same, it’s the beauty of playing live. Try new ideas, change things up..

The Foundry at SLS Las Vegas offers you a massive stage to connect to the crowd, what are your thoughts on being among the first electronic music acts to perform at this new venue?

Gorgon City: We are very honored to be playing at such a great venue and can’t wait to hit the stage!

Rudimental: It’s even better being one of the first live electronic acts! It’s a pleasure and we hope to keep coming back!

Favorite Part of Vegas?

Rudimental: Oosh, does there have to be one favorite part? Probably the Zombie Apocalypse store on Spring Mountain Road, it’s a weird shop with everything you could need in case of an apocalypse. Great on a hangover.

Favorite Restaurant in Vegas?

Rudimental: Love the low key Vietnamese/Asian restaurants on wet Spring Mountain – fresh!

What historic/legendary place would you like to see or explore in Las Vegas?

Rudimental: We’d like to see a show, The Beatles show! Haven’t had the chance to experience the classic side of Vegas, as yet…

Describe Vegas in three words:

Rudimental: Intense, awesome, strange!

Rudimental & Gorgon City LIVE at The Foundry at SLS Las Vegas
2535 South Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 761-7617
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