Chef Talk: Dalton Wilson, Owner & Executive Chef at DW Bistro

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Since opening in 2010, DW Bistro has remained one of the most talked about and frequented restaurants in Las Vegas. Founded by Dalton Wilson, the master chef has brought together the rich culinary traditions of New Mexico passed down by his father Basil to craft gourmet dishes that have all the heart of a home-cooked meal. These are recipes you won’t find anywhere else and DW Bistro has build a loyal if not ravenous fanbase that eagerly await Wilson’s next dish. Wilson spoke with his for our latest Chef Talk session and gave us his personal thoughts on what makes his restaurant such a popular dining destination.

What excites you about cooking in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a city of diversity. When there is such a diverse community, the opportunity for a Jamaican/New Mexico fusion cuisine is possible. Ultimately, the people of Las Vegas are looking for food that is full of flavor and restaurants with a cool atmosphere. They get all of that at DW Bistro.

What is it about cooking for a Las Vegas audience that is different than other major foodie markets?

The food scene in Vegas is growing tremendously, and people are expecting new and creative foods and restaurants.  They are coming to Vegas to taste food and experience dining as they never have before.

The celebrity chef atmosphere in Vegas also sets a very high bar. For the last 10 years, these chefs have been at the forefront of cuisine innovation in Las Vegas. Because their styles of cooking are so different, there’s not a sense of competition. Rather, chefs appreciate creativity and originality. They also enjoy each other’s food tremendously.

What goes into curating your menu?

I cook with fresh ingredients and put so much passion into my menu. Sometimes choosing which dishes to keep and which ones to not include on the menu is a difficult choice. Ultimately, I try to please my clientele and make sure they love the food as much as I do.

Do you feel a menu can have more “risks” in Las Vegas as opposed to other markets?

Absolutely! When people come to Las Vegas, they are looking for something different and exotic. This doesn’t only apply to the nightlife scene, but also to a dining experience that’s different from what they have at home. That being said, taking risks is an absolute must!

How often do you add/subtract menu items?

The core menu has stayed the same for the past six years.  However, our night time menu changes depending on the time of year.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

DW Bistro sources our ingredients from California, New Mexico and Jamaica

Do you do seasonal specials?

We do seasonal specials.  Because some of our freshest ingredients are only available during certain seasons, those dishes are on the menu when those ingredients are at their peak.

What are your favorite items on the menu?

The dishes closest to my heart are the ones from Jamaica, where I was born as well as New Mexico, where I was raised.  They are the DW Jamaican jerk fried chicken and the New Mexico-style slow-cooked pork bowl.  I also love the Jamaican curry chicken bowl.

What dishes are a “must” if it’s your first time here?

I strongly suggest guests try my Jamaican jerk fried chicken. Our chilaquile dish is always a crowd favorite. DW Bistro also has an award-winning New Mexican-style green chile cheeseburger with jalapeno bacon that shouldn’t be missed.

Describe your restaurant in one sentence?

DW Bistro is the full dining experience – amazing food, great atmosphere and superb service.

DW Bistro
6115 South Fort Apache Rd. #112
Las Vegas, NV 89148
(702) 527-5200

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