The New Hyde Lounge Provides VIP Experience At The T-Mobile Arena

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Hyde_Lounge_Las_Vegas_Arena_3-700x499The newest (and largest) live entertainment venue in Las Vegas, the T-Mobile Arena, is not only changing the game for large-scale concerts and events in Sin City, but also aiming to change the way you think about an arena experience altogether.  To help with this, MGM Resorts teamed with SBE Entertainment Group to create a stunning new Hyde Lounge that extends over the general seating to offer attendees a breath-taking view of all the action on the main stage with all the VIP amenities you’ve come to expect from elite Vegas venues.

SBE ‘s Hyde Lounge has been a popular nightlife destination inside the Bellagio hotel, but now it has teamed up with MGM Resorts to add a swanky new 18,000 square foot spot  that is perched atop the T-Mobile Arena. As you would expect, no expense has been spared and the latest Hyde Lounge is truly an exclusive experience.  There are two platform lounges at both ends of the arena, and this sleek, curved design allows easy access to the four bars, so you never feel too cramped.  There are several prime sections that provide you with a straight-ahead view of the stage, where you can stretch out on plush sofas.  These are like pimped out private living rooms that have been furnished with only the finest in modern décor. The corners of the venue offer patrons a more intimate area when you’re looking to offset the high-energy that comes from the concerts taking place down below.

Unlike the Hyde Lounge inside the Bellagio, the new T-Mobile Arena location is more about providing a luxurious setting to mix and mingle as opposed to a dedicated nightclub. Make no mistake, the energy here is every bit as lively, it’s just that this lounge serves to provide an A-List viewing destination to compliment the diverse concert bookings, with gourmet food options and signature cocktails that transcend anything you’d normally find at a sports arena bar. The Hyde Lounge should also see its fair share of surprise appearances and impromptu post-concert performances in the coming months.

When you’re looking to live like a VIP while taking in a show at the new T-Mobile Arena, make way for the Hyde Lounge for a premium viewing experience that only Las Vegas can deliver.

Hyde Lounge at T-Mobile Arena
3780 South Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 692-1300
Tickets and additional info

Featured photo via SBE/Hyde Lounge

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