SF: 5 Reasons to Plan Your Weekend Around Brunch at Locanda

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Craig and Annie Stoll’s much-lauded Locanda restaurant, located in San Francisco’s Mission District, might be the last place you’d consider when craving buttermilk pancakes and classic egg dishes. This paean to Roman cuisine, better known for its pastas and savory meat and fish selections, finds itself on multiple lists for best dinner spots in the City. After launching its weekend brunch service – in play for just a few weeks now – Locanda is certainty on its way to find itself as one of the ‘best brunch’ eateries in the Bay Area.

Locanda’s brunch menu pays tribute to its Roman roots, and dishes are infused with Roman inspiration and flavors – such as Arborio rice pudding and the latke-style hash browns (basis enough to reserve your table now). Have no fear,  Locanda doesn’t skip the favorites that brunch-lovers crave. Here are a few other reasons to work a Locanda brunch into your weekend schedule:

1 Eggs Benedict Carbonara

This version is by far the best Eggs Benedict in the Bay Area. Two perfectly poached eggs and crispy prosciutto cotto on Locanda’s signature pizza bianca (a light focaccia), smothered in a light hollandaise ‘cacio e pepe’ equals perfection.
Locanda 557 Valencia St., San Francisco. Brunch served every Saturday + Sunday from 10:30am to 2:00pm.

2 Warm Drinking Caramel

Just as it sounds, this small cup of warm, foam-topped caramel is a decadent dessert-like item disguised as a respectable morning coffee drink. You can trade knowing winks with the barista as you sup the creamy liquid and sigh.

3 House-Cured Bacon

If you think you know what great bacon tastes like – think again. Locanda cures its own with hickory pepper, and bakes it to retain flavor.

4 Classic Brunch Cocktails

Locanda’s (and sister restaurant Delfina) specialty, the Blood Orange Bellini, is legendary. It boasts gin, Cocchi Americano, blood orange, and Prosecco served in a champagne flute. Watch for seasonal versions with varied fruit juices. The Bloody Mary Classico is a winner too. Fresh squeezed fruit and green juice are also available.

5 Four Barrel Coffee

In a show of neighborhood solidarity, Locanda serves delicious Four Barrel Coffee, roasted just a few blocks down the street at 375 Valencia. Stop in after brunch, and buy a bag of beans to tide you over until next weekend, when you’ll likely return to Locanda again to experience their perfectly brewed version – and to find out how the heck they get those hash browns so light and crispy.
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