5 Reasons Teleferic Barcelona Is Worth a Trip to Walnut Creek

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1.15.16_TelefericOpening-86Photo Credit: Michael Joy

Teleferic, the famed tapas bar from Barcelona, has busted out of Spain and landed in Walnut Creek where it is receiving a rousing welcome. As the restaurant’s first venture outside its native land, Teleferic brings to downtown Walnut Creek an energy and vibe that match the booming millennial culture predominating the area. The consistent crowds at Teleferic indicate that the thriving East Bay community was more than ready for this influx of Spanish culture.

Teleferic’s space is fun and vibrant with food and drink to match. Located on the second floor of an artisanal brick building in the heart of Walnut Creek, the dining room looks out on the burgeoning retail district and is a perfect spot for a business lunch, a post-shopping cocktail, or date night. Here are some of the best reasons to venture beyond your City comfort zone to experience this new haute spot.

Teleferic Barcelona
1500 Mt. Diablo Blvd.
Walnut Creek. (925) 300-3826

1 Ambience

Michael Joy
Part night club, part family restaurant, part museum – Teleferic has aspects of it all. Cozy booths, communal tables, and high-rise bar tops provide seating options. A newly opened outdoor, west-facing patio is where the true action can be found, and is a great place to watch the sunset. Inside, the large and lively bar overlooks the street and the bustling kitchen. Black-corded Edison lights hang from the industrial ceiling where a toy gondola (teleferic) glides overhead. Spanish master paintings hang from the walls: Picasso, Miro, and Dali.

2 Sangria!

If not previously a Sangria fan, you’ll become one after tasting Teleferic’s version – a healthy pour of red wine, gin, brandy, and citrus, marinated with berries, cinnamon and mint and served in a large wine glass. The drink is as beautiful as it is delicious. Other signature cocktails include the Mojito Dali, served with a strawberry fairy cloud twist, and the Catalan, bloom gin, Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic, juniper, grapefruit and toasted pine.

3 Pinxtos

Michael Joy
Take you pick as the Pinxtos cart passes your table. The colorful, ever-changing bite-sized snacks, typical of Northern Spain, are meant to tempt – and they do. Truffled deviled egg, ahi tuna, Iberian ham, mascarpone enrobed salmon, and warm brie are just a few of the selections.

4 Tapas

Michael Joy
Perfect for sharing, Teleferic tapas - the heart and soul of their Barcelona restaurant - are replicated stateside, right down to the ‘2014 Best Tapa in Barcelona’ award winner – Ma Premiere Foie, caramelized foie gras, roasted apple mousse, caramelized onion and cherry jam. So sweet and so delicious that it could be listed under desserts. Other standouts include the tender and flavorful Pulpo Trufado – Galician grilled octopus with truffle potato puree, and Gambas Al Ajillo, sautéed garlic prawns.

5 Paella

Michael Joy
Owner Xavi Padrosa brought with him his paella master from Spain who makes the traditional Spanish dish in customary large batches. When a batch (containing Spanish Bomba rice, prawns, clams, mussels, pork, chicken, mushrooms and Valencian Sofrito) has reached perfection, the kitchen celebrates with whistles and shouts. After a few of their tasty sangrias, you too will be celebrating Padrosa’s choice to set Teleferic’s stateside roots in Walnut Creek.
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