5 Haute Sweets To Indulge In At Dude, Sweet Chocolate

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If you’re a chocolate connoisseur and haven’t experienced the chocolate-inspired creations from Dude, Sweet Chocolate, you don’t know what you’re missing. From an Aged Balsamic Vinegar infused with Valrhona cocoa to a Chocolate Vegetarian “Salami,” Chef Katherine Clapner has artfully composed a list of intoxicating offerings that will make your wildest, chocolate dreams come true!

Chef Katherine
Chef Katherine Clapner

Chef Clapner, the visionary behind this sweet concept has had over twenty years of experience as a pastry chef and is a culinary force in her field. Prior to founding Dude, Sweet Chocolate, she served as Executive Pastry Chef for the renown “Founding Father of Southwestern Cuisine,” Stephan Pyles. With a brilliant start to her culinary career, Chef Clapner worked in London at the Savoy and at the Hotel Cipriani in Venice. On her return from abroad, she went on to work under some of the most recognized names in food including, Chef Charlie Trotter and Chef Kevin Graham.

It was in late 2009 that she and Redding May partnered in opening Dude, Sweet Chocolate’s first small kitchen/store with the vision of concocting unique chocolate creations. Now, seven years later, the store currently has four retail locations around the Dallas metroplex and has successfully built relationships with both local and national resellers including, Whole Foods, winery and distillery operations. Offering innovative products that differentiate them within the market and pushing culinary boundaries by using unique flavor profiles became their formula for success in a competitive world of chocolate purveyors.

Offering a spectrum of one-of-a kind flavors, Dude, Sweet Chocolate is a haven for the passionate cocoa aficionado, that’s looking for something out of the ordinary. From savory to sweet and everything in between, some of their best sellers include their Albatross blue cheese and sea salt fudge, Fungus Amongus porcini and pumpkin seed toffee!

With so many choices to choose from, making a decision isn’t easy so Haute Living found 5 of the top things your shouldn’t miss out on at Dude, Sweet Chocolate.


Bishop Arts District    214-943-5943
408 W. 8th St. – Sweet #102
Dallas, TX  75208

Store Hours:
Sunday & Monday: 11 to 6
Tuesday – Thursday: 11 to 10
Friday & Saturday: 11 to 11

Downtown Plano    972-424-6200
1016 E. 15th St.
Plano, TX  75074

Store Hours:
Sunday & Monday: 11 to 6
Tuesday – Thursday: 11 to 10
Friday & Saturday: 11 to 11

Lower Greenville    469-334-0125
1925 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX  75206

Store Hours:
Sunday & Monday: 11 to 6
Tuesday – Thursday: 11 to 10
Friday & Saturday: 11 to 11

Fort Worth – West 7th    817-945-2234
2925 Crockett St.
Fort Worth, TX  76107

Store Hours:
Sunday & Monday: 11 to 6
Tuesday & Wednesday: 11 to 8
Thursday – Saturday: 11 to 10

Photographs Courtesy of Dude, Sweet Chocolate


What chocolate lover doesn't love the creamy combination of heavy cream and dark chocolate that is used in creating truffles? At Dude, Sweet Chocolate the Praska Truffles, names after a Serbian dessert are taken one step further. Crafted using San Antonio-based Dorcol Distillery’s Kinsman Apricot Rakia (similar to a grappa), rolled in French waffle cone pieces, and enriched with brown butter, these truffles are bite sized pieces of the traditional cobbler cake its named after.


You may be wondering how this can make the list of things to indulge in at a chocolate shop but this is not your ordinary olive oil. It is a complex infusion of hickory-smoked cocoa nibs, cinnamon, fresh vanilla beans and can sugar. The olive oil is warmed by hickory smoke to give it an intense, smokey flavor that's perfectly paired with an herbed goat cheese, warm pears and stone fruits. This very special olive oil can be enjoyed and used anywhere to add a bold and dynamic flavor.


A chocolatey treat with a twist, Hippie Crack Chocolate Bark is an elevated version of "health food." Chef Klapner skillfully and playfully creates a chocolate bark that is crunchy without the use of nuts. Candied garbanzo beans and sesame sticks are substituted to give a unique texture. Cinnamon is mixed in with Raz Al Hanout, an exotic Moroccan spice to complete its intense flavor. It is best paired with pear cider or wheat beer.


Break-Up, Love Potion #3 and One Night Stand are the three different potions that make up Dude, Sweet Chocolate's collection. All of the potions begin with the identical base of an agave nectar and a mixture of 72% mixed-origin South American dark chocolate and Valrhona cocoa powder. Breckenridge Distillery Bourbon, an artisinal bourbon is added to the base to create the Break Up Potion. This potion should never be refrigerated and enjoyed in a chocolate martini. The Love Potion #3 adds red zinfandel, Parton orange liquor, brandy citrus and spices. It is best served over ice cream, in coffee or in a chocolate martini. Last but not least, is the One Night Stand Potion. Inspired by a traditional Mexican coffee, 100 Años Tequila is added to its agave nectar base. This potion is best paired with coffee ice cream, fruits, sorbets, banana fondue or used in a chocolate martini.


This toffee is a mixture of the traditional candies served during Diwali, a holiday festival of lights in India and the American tradition of cranberry walnut salads. The creative concoction has a brownie-like texture and is made with an exotic 73% Vietnamese chocolate, tart cranberries, walnuts and madras curry. It can be a great table chocolate for the holidays or a delectable treat for any time of year.
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