5 New Food Items At A Texas Ranger’s Game You Need To Try

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Remember the good ol’ days when enjoying a baseball game meant roasted peanuts and hot dogs? With the passage of time, our beloved, nostalgic snacks have morphed into concoctions that will make you feel more like you’re at a carnival, than a baseball game. Keeping up with the times, each year Globe Life Park, home of the Texas Rangers, successfully comes out with a creative concession menu that will shock your tastebuds. Recently, they reveled their coveted list of culinary creations and this year they have gone all out. Brace yourself for the top 5 food items to indulge in at your next Texas Ranger’s game.


If you love pork, this may be the treat for you! It's almost as if someone won a dare on how many parts of the pig they could cram between two, sweet, soft Hawaiian buns. (Well three buns to be exact) On this all-meat monstrosity you will find pulled pork, prosciutto, sausage, bacon and ham. To top it all off the sandwich is paired with pork rinds and coleslaw. Soaked in barbecue sauce, the Wicked Pig is not for the faint at heart. Calling all pork aficionados, this is a once in a lifetime experience that you won't bat an eye at, despite the $27 dollar price tag.


What baseball game would be complete without a hot dog? Offering a creative twist on an old classic, this year's concoction is packed full of heat. The spiciness with salty, savory flavors combine to create an atomic explosion in your mouth. It's an all beef hotdog topped with Flamin' Hot Cheetos and nacho cheese, sprinkled with even more Flamin' Hot Cheetos! Keep a glass or two of water nearby, you're going to need it!


These nachos may sound boring but don't let the name fool you. Although a healthier option to some of the other food items available, they are still oozing with all of the components that make nachos a favorite pastime snack. Melted cheese is slathered over mounds of crispy tortilla chips, garnished with chives and vegan chili.


The chicken and donut skewer is a creative new version of the Southern dish, "Chicken n Waffles" dreamt up by Executive Chef Chris Vasquez. With all the elements of the traditional dish this is certain to be a new favorite this baseball season. It is a 12 inch skewer stacked with crispy, fried chicken and donut holes then drizzled with a tangy buffalo honey sauce. But the chef hasn't stopped there, he and his team are dreaming up a way to tempt your taste buds by extending the skewer another 12 inches!


Another great option on the new list of vegan food items is the Southwest Black Bean Burger. It's a hearty bean-based vegetable burger packed with nutrition. Although it's a healthier option, it does not skip out on being tasty. It is a mouth watering treat intense with Southwest flavor and spices. Along with the vegan burger and nachos there is an extensive list of other healthy options to enjoy including, vegan hot dogs, jerky, chili, spinach wrap, fresh fruit and a shake-it-up salad!
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