5 Most Exclusive Fitness Clubs in NYC

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Because even New York’s wealthiest need a place to lift weights, we’ve made a roundup of the most exclusive and well-rounded fitness clubs in the city. Offering a variety of amenities and personalized training programs with famed fitness professionals, these clubs are much more than just gyms, they are portals to a healthy and productive way of life. Try them out and go collect your VIP pass to wellness.

1 Core Club

Maybe the most exclusive of them all, the Core Club is worth $65,000 a year including initiation fee. It is surely an investment, but when you commit to this haute club, you are not only getting a gym, you are entering a lifestyle. A fully loaded social club for the mega wealthy, Core Club gives members access to its top of the line fitness facility, led by one of Madonna’s most recent personal trainers: model-actor-trainer Josh Holland. In the center – where you can get full-body spa treatments and enjoy the hydrating sauna room – modern art covers every wall and fine food is offered in the establishment's restaurant. There is a screening room for your enjoyment and a terrace lounge and barbershop. Basically, you can live there and be perfectly happy. Zoomtion (the gym) is run by professional trainers who examine everything from your sleep patterns to your eating habits and lifestyle in order to customize your workout program and ensure the best results.
CORE: club 66 East 55th Street New York, NY 10022

2 La Palestra

The Plaza Hotel has it all doesn't it? Beneath our favorite New York hotel is the fabulous La Palestra. A gorgeous fitness center founded by celebrity trainer Pat Manocchia and costing $9,000 a year, the exclusive club has a strategic semi-medical approach to healthy fitness. Apart from offering trainers and massage therapists, members also have the opportunity to meet with internists, orthopedists, and psychologists in order to better address their wellness needs and feel amazing both inside and out. A favorite within NY-based celebrities, the club has a no-paparazzi policy, so if you see Taylor Swift jamming out to her album on the elliptical, keep calm. Personal training is one of La Palestra's fortes. With "program centric" rather than "trainer centric" programs, all fitness sessions are completely personalized and strategically planned – as well as overseen by a team of advisors – to guarantee a perfect end product that matches the clients' goals.
La Palestra CPM 11 West 67th Street New York, NY 10023

3 Sitaras Fitness

Led by medicine and rehabilitation professional, John Sitaras, this haute fitness center offers the most well-designed training session sin the city. With a champion body builder for a founder, it is no wonder he club focuses so much on the quality of its team of trainers. As a member, you have the privilege to train with a true fitness professional (with none with fewer than 10 years of experience) who will meticulously track a your progress in order to identify areas that need extra attention, and to keep pushing you towards a higher level of fitness. In order to become a Sitaras member, you must undergo a rigorous entrance test and background check, for you are not only joining a fancy gym, you are entering a world of elegance, drive, confidence and luxury.
150 E58 Street 12th Floor New York, NY 10155

4 Madison Square Club

Opulence and fitness join hands at Madison Square Club. For $11,750 a year, members have access to high-end training sessions that include a combination of circuit training, weight resistance training, stretching, body sculpting, cardiovascular conditioning, weight management and nutritional counseling, all helping you achieve the body of your dreams. The private gym of David Kirsch, Madison Square Club offers a cozy and somewhat oriental environment which sets it apart from the white metallic gyms we are so used to seeing. A safe and effective approach to training, this club is perfect for any fast-paced New Yorker who wishes to enter the world of high-end fitness.
210 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010

5 The Setai Club & Spa Wall Street

The haute membership at Setai Club & Spa in NYC costs a booming $5,000 a year, yet well worth the investment. Just a few steps away from the Stock Exchange, many of its members are Wall Street professionals. From yoga to pilates to thermal heat lounges and aromatherapy, Setai has it all. It doesn't stop there, the club also offers you workout gear, heated shaving cream, discounts on spa services, and complimentary breakfast at The Exchange Grill as well as various other outside services. One of the key benefits is the access to the members-only Setai Health Club, "a unique custom-designed fitness facility created for those who take their bodies, their work-outs and their well-being seriously." A calming wellness club with the highest quality training programs, the Setai Club is where fitness dreams come true.
40 Broad St Fl 3, New York, NY 10004
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