5 Haute Rowing Studios in New York City

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Rowing is becoming the new spinning. Boutique rowing studios are opening up all over the city, as participants take advantage of what has long been considered one of the most efficient forms of exercise. Rowing is all about core strength, elevating your heart rate, and it incorporates your arms and legs. Unlike spinning, which is 95% legs and 5% upper body, rowing is about 60% legs and 40% core and upper body. Here are five studios to try as you get your beach body for summer.

1 CityRow

CityRow uses WaterRower row machines, which use actually water to create the resistance. The work out alternates intervals on the mat and on the rower to creating a full-body and dynamic work out.

2 Row House

Row House is a pioneer in the rowing machine work-out trend. It combines the full-body workout of rowing with strength training techniques on the mat. With three locations in Manhattan, Row House offers different class lengths and goals for busy New Yorkers looking for a low-impact, efficient, full-body work-out.

3 GoRow

GoRow Studios, located in Hoboken, NJ, provides a work out that is half rowing, half sports specific weight-training to make you a more efficient rower. Classes are small to ensure that participants learn proper technique and receive plenty of individualized attention.

4 Throwback Fitness

Their website says “ Old School Fitness: it’s like summer camp for adults” and that their work-outs are “murderously fun.” Rowing sessions combine rowing with efficient exercises like squats, push-ups, burpees, rope jumps, and ball slams for a full body work-out and a recess vibe for adults.

5 Row New York

Learn to row on the Harlem River at the Peter Jay Sharp Boathouse in Upper Manhattan this spring, summer, or fall. Classes are cumulative, as participants learn rowing technique while admiring the urban scenery.
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