Mardi Gras: 5 Best King Cakes in Dallas

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Mardi Gras is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing; king cake! Although not observed nationally, every year thousands look forward to the traditional practices of this holiday and Dallas is no different.

Mardi Gras otherwise known as Fat Tuesday is on February 9th signaling the last day of indulgence and marking the arrival of Lent. The season is filled with beads, masks, parades, costumes and debauchery making the phrase laissez les bon temps rouler French for, “let the good times roll,” the perfect way to describe this hedonistic holiday. The king cake is one of the most coveted traditions of Mardi Gras. Traditionally, it is made from a ring of twisted cinnamon roll dough, can be filled with a number of fillings and topped with purple, green and gold icing or sugar. Hidden somewhere in the cake is a small figurine of a baby that has become a customary good luck charm. In some instances, the lucky one that finds the trinket is designated as the person to supply the king cake for the next party. Over the years, king cakes have been shared at parties with family or friends and has remained a significant tradition of Mardi Gras. So in order to help you get your good times rolling, Haute Living has hunted down 5 of the best king cakes in Dallas.

1 Haute Sweets Patisserie

It's no wonder that Haute Sweets Patisserie has managed to create a perfect king cake having two pastry chefs that have been featured on TLC's Fabulous Cakes and competed on numerous Food Network Shows . Chef Gianni Santin and Chef Tida Pichakron have a passion for creating amazing desserts filled with creativity. Chef Pichakron may have a bit of advantage in creating this delicious confection; not only was she born and raised in New Orleans, but she uses a friend's recipe for her king cake that is over 70 yrs. old! Imagine a delicious, moist cinnamon bread topped with sugary goodness and decorated in the traditional purple, green and gold of Mardi Gras. You can't get better than that!
10230 E. Northwest Hwy. Dallas, TX 75238

2 Copeland's of New Orleans

If you are ready for a less traditional king cake with a delicious twist; head to Copeland's of New Orleans. A restaurant committed to serving authentic dishes that remain true to the culinary traditions of New Orleans, their creative rendition of king cake is on a whole new level. Adding a layer of traditional king cake to their signature cheesecake, they have brought king cake into the 21st century. Their king cake is topped with a layer of creamy rich cheesecake, cinnamon streusel, covered in purple, green and gold sugar sprinkles and whipped cream.
1400 Plaza Pl. Southlake, TX 76092

3 Blue Bonnet Bakery

Located in the heart of Fort Worth, serving generations of patrons Blue Bonnet Bakery creates an array of old fashioned and handmade sweets from recipes handed down over 75 years. Their traditional king cake comes in four different sizes and features the filling options of cream cheese or cinnamon-apple-raisin. All of their king cakes come with the good luck baby in the middle and have the traditional icing on top with purple, gold and green sugar crystals.
4705 Camp Bowie Blvd. Fort Worth, Texas 76107

4 Tart Bakery

Walking into this chic pastry shop you know you are about to get your taste buds tempted. Owner, Kristin Massad has not only established herself as a purveyor of sweets but is also the one that makes them all from scratch. Tart Bakery's king cake is a classic interpretation of the traditional king cake. Known for its European style Artisan breads and fine selection of pastries, Tart Bakery's king cake is a delicious sweet-bread cake decorated with icing and sugar in Mardi Gras colors.
5219 W Lovers Ln #B Dallas, TX 75209

5 Bread Winners Bakery Bistro

Not only does Bread Winners bake cakes every morning; it also presents its patrons with a plethora of Mardi Gras inspired goodies such as cookies, cake balls and cupcakes to get them through the holiday season. They offer two types of king cake, either a praline or a berry and cream version that are made with sweet bread and layered fillings. The fun does not stop there, Bread Winners also supplies the Mardi Gras beads and good luck charm!
3301 McKinney Ave. Dallas, TX 75204
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