Top 5: Body Scrubs For a Glowing Complexion

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Many people associate exfoliation with summer, possibly because it is easier to do when skin is moist, but winter is actually a very important time for skincare, and one that will save you a whole lot of discomfort come February. With the dehydration that comes with winter, our once glowing skin is now getting dry and pale from the low temperatures. During these icy months and with less water in the air to hydrate our pores, our skin cells get stiff and our outer skin flaky, which is why maintaining a weekly exfoliation routine is key. Even though scrubbing your sensitive skin too hard may cause minor damages on your complexion, a gentle exfoliation with one of our top designer body scrubs each week will leave your skin flawless and back to its natural glow.

Try out our designer favorites – all unique and infused with various rejuvenating ingredients such as brown sugar, cardamom, roses and coffee – and let your inner beauty shine, no matter the weather.

1 Fig + Yarrow "Body Scrub, Cardamom + Coffee"

The spice of the season, cardamom, pairs with our favorite obsession, coffee, in this deliciously enriching body scrub.

2 Aerin "Rose Body Scrub"

With its floral infusion, Aerin's body scrub is delicate and soothing, perfect for a gorgeous feminine complexion like yours. Slightly scented and with rich hydrating ingredients, this scrub will make your winter skin shine like June.

3 Tata Harper "Smoothing Body Scrub"

Made with biodegradable exfoliants such as Pink Himalayan and Hawaiian Sea Salts, Cranberry Fibers, Apricot Seed Powder and Organic Sugar micro-polishes, this all-natural scrub buffs away dead skin and eliminates unseen impurities. With Argan Oil and Tata Harper’s Estate Grown Beauty Complex, your skin will be smooth, conditioned and with long-lasting moisture in no time.

4 Lancer "The Method: Body Polish"

The company's top anti-aging exfoliator, this powerful scrub polishes, cleanses and nourishes skin until it is entire rid of imperfections and dry spots. Not only does this scrub balance the skin's pH level and boost its collage production, it also gives it the oxygen it needs and feeds it the nutrients and hydration it was missing.

5 Fresh "Brown Sugar Body Polish"

Entirely natural and made with nothing but brown sugar and the world's finest oils, this Fresh body scrub is the earthly energy boost every girl needs.
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