MIA: Top 5 Classes to Stay in Shape 2016

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On New Year’s Eve, we celebrated and anxiously counted down the seconds: 5…4…3…2…1… The clock finally hit 12:00 a.m., and we cheered. Just like that, we left 2015 behind us and looked forward to a year of new opportunities and second chances to stick to those “I want to lose weight, I want to be fit, I want to be active” resolutions. Check out the five hautest classes in Miami that help you stay in shape and keep you motivated in 2016.

1 Anatomy Academy Kettle bell: Anatomy at 1220

Free hand weights are so last year. Get your body up to speed with the Kettle bell class offered at Anatomy Miami Beach. The Kettle bell is a versatile tool that helps you add weight, while also working on your balance and conditioning. This class is made up of Ab-shredding movements that will leave no muscle unworked. Considered the highest standard of the Anatomy Academy, this head-to-toe high intensity class is sure to get you seeing results, which in return will keep you highly motivated.
1220 20th Street Miami Beach, FL 33139

2 Fast Track Boxing: SobeKick

You may have heard about the new "HIT" method to sculpting your body, but you have probably never felt sweat rolling down your face while the trainer watches you making sure you don't have a chance to cheat. Yup, this Fast Track Boxing class takes High Intensity Training to a new level, and your trainer is sure to remind you during each class with his "I never told you it was going to be easy!!" words of motivation when you really want to give up. The exercises in this class are designed to include all of your major muscle groups, creating the best combination of cross training and strength conditioning, pushing your body to its optimal level of effort for short bursts. Our favorite classes here are "Fast Track Boxing" by Nelson and "Abs and Butt" by Ella Magers (sexyfitvegan.com). Those extra calories you had last night? Consider them gone with 500+ calorie burning workouts.
1860 West Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139

3 Butt & Legs: Barry's Bootcamp

A class favorite, Butt & Legs! This class is definitely one that will give your derriere that "UMPH" you promised yourself for 2016. Famously amongst the pioneers of the "booty bands," this lower body focused class is sure to make you work for those legs. A solid mixture of 25-30 minutes on the treadmill (sprinting of course because thats how infamous booties are made) and 25-30 minutes on the floor doing ass-to-grass squats, back lounges, donkey kicks and everything in between. The dimmed room with red ambient lighting will give you a sense of power and strength which you will definitely feel the next day.
1835 Purdy Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139

4 SoulCycle

SoulCyle has found a workout system that definitely works- find a niche, and be the best at it- and they do just that. Having studios around the United States, its easy to see how this class has revolutionized the way people cycle.
2325 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139

5 FlyBarre 60: FlyWheel Sports

The FlyBarre 60 focuses on a classic high repetition at a low weight, which activates and strengthens all of your muscles. The class is targeted for a full body workout every time you come in. Surrounded by individuals with your same goal in mind, it's time to sculpt and lean!
1919 Purdy Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139
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