Haute 5: Best Hub Locations To Work From In Dubai

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Freelancing boasts the benefit of a somewhat flexible schedule, but can get lonely as you work on your own. Here are some of the hautest locations to work from in Dubai if you’re looking for a space where you can be a beacon of productivity, while also taking in some wonderful culture and company.

1 Alserkal Avenue's A4 Loft Boasts Dynamic Work Space for Freelancers

A4 is the first dynamic space of this kind, creating a free platform for freelancers, writers, designers, artists and all creatives alike to work within a commissioned oak installation by designer Fadi Sarieddine, expanding over two floors with shelving and cocoon shaped workspaces throughout. The shelves hold a cultural library built by the community, for the community, to which people will be able to donate their favorite book thus creating a unique collection of valued texts. The cultural library grows through the #LEAVEYOURNOTE project, a first-of-its-kind campaign in Dubai. #LEAVEYOURNOTE has attracted hundreds of donations and continues to grow. Leveraging social media, the campaign in self-sustaining and encourages people and organizations to donate books of influence with inscribed notes to inspire the community of Dubai. Publications are not limited by text, format or language; the only requirement is a personal note, explaining why the particular book is being recommended, the name of the person or organization donating it, and the date. The project has already garnered international interest, with shipments from New York, Kuala Lumpur, London and beyond. The cultural library is most definitely our treasured feature and will set A4 aside from the mould of previous creative spaces seen in Dubai.

2 Capital Club of Dubai Features Premier Business Services

Named by CNN as one of the 10 top exclusive business clubs in the world, the Capital Club is a convenient place to get down to business. The Club premises has WiFi throughout and Members are welcome to use laptops and Ipads, review the up to date collection of business papers and magazines and network with other Members who are also making use of the comfortable facilities. If support, such as photocopying or sending a fax is needed then Member Services can happily assist. There are several convenient and quiet places to have a quick meeting or get a little work done, in addition to the meeting rooms. Think of it as “your office away from the office,” whenever you need it.

3 Pavilion Downtown Dubai Booms With Vibrancy

The Pavilion Dubai
Managed by Vida Hotels and Resorts, The Pavilion Downtown Dubai is one of Downtown Dubai’s most vibrant and creative hubs. Adding to the youthful vitality that has become synonymous with Vida Hotels and Resorts, The Pavilion Downtown Dubai, is a trendy urban café in the Emaar Pavilion. The Pavilion Downtown Dubai pays homage to visual arts, and is one of the few venues in the city that features an interior ‘vertical garden’ that symbolises the harmony of the arts and nature. Visitors to The Pavilion Downtown Dubai can also host events within the venue, which offers easy self-parking for guests.

4 Esquire Coffee House Serves Up Exceptional Service & Surroundings

A hidden gem with great parking and wonderful coffee along with free wifi available, Esquires Coffee House in Dubai is the perfect location for freelancers to do their work while enjoying an invigorating atmosphere. Esquires brand remains consistent and offers exceptional service, delicious food and organic coffee, ground fresh for each cup, as well as welcoming spaces where customers can relax, meet, socialize or unwind, with free WiFi and the latest magazines and newspapers!

5 MAKE Business Hub Inspires Mobile Workers

Make Business Hub
MAKE is a café/business hub in the heart of Dubai Marina. MAKE serves the specific needs of the mobile worker, from the young entrepreneur or the creative free-lancer looking for an inspiring place to work to small groups looking for a place to meet outside the office. In addition, MAKE hosts a calendar of events that promote entrepreneurship, technology and design.
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