Dubai: 5 Haute Fitness Brands For 2016

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New year, new you?

January is the time for updated resolutions focusing on your best self, from being healthy, to getting organized, to possibly jetting off to that dream location that you’ve been thinking of.

If fitness is on your resolution list, you’ll absolutely want to check out these haute sportswear designers. Chic, sporty and built for the hard work that it takes to become revitalized through exercise, each of these lines flatters and supports the athlete within all of us.


1 Lululemon: A Signature In Fitness Apparel

Creating components for people to live long, healthy and fun lives, Lululemon has become synonymous with the trendiest and smartest fitness buffs. Having burst onto the sportswear scene in the late 90's, this brand is now THE brand to be seen wearing and working out in.

2 Stella McCarthy In Motion & Adidas Power Up For Unstoppable Performance Wear

Adidas and Stella McCarthy: a match made in fitness gear heaven. Stella McCarthy's website promises "High-performance wear with technical innovation" in each piece that she's designed for the 10th anniversary collection. You won't want to miss out on this haute gear!

3 Splits59 Melds Fashion & Fitness

Splits59 women's activewear and yoga apparel melds high performance fabrics with fashionable design, resulting in an incredibly haute look, which lives at the intersection of fitness and fashion. With sleek silhouettes and performance enhancing fabrics, these clothes work as hard as you do. They are pieces that go the distance...just like you. Whether it be running a marathon or just cranking it up another level on the treadmill, Splits59 has the attire for you.

4 Nike: Still Doing It

Still perched atop the mountain of athletic wear designers and manufacturers, Nike doesn't miss a beat in their fitness lines. The simple swoosh that is their trademark, coupled with the famous "Just Do It" slogan has inspired a loyal legion of customers who feel a sense of camaraderie with their fellow Nike wearers. 2016 offers up another banner year of trend-setting and breaking-edge sportswear for the industry giant.

5 Tima: A Middle Eastern Brand Focused on Women

Designed and battle-tested by this fitness icon, Tima Love Life is the first Saudi sportswear brand, created by Fatima, who was the first certified Pilox trainer in the Middle East. You'll be certain to feel your confidence boost as you practice healthiness while in her clothing. It's fashionable, fun, and most importantly, designed to celebrate "a woman who is strong, hard-working, unique, fun, confident and powerful."
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