5 Haute Apps Every Angeleno Needs

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Life in Los Angeles is becoming more efficient every day. Why, you wonder? Apps. Whether it be traffic troubles, news necessities, or culinary quests you can find an app to answer pretty much any problem you may have. Here are five must-have apps to help make your life in LA just a little bit easier.

1 5 Every Day

Don’t know what to do today? Don’t worry about it! This Los Angeles necessity gives you five options of haute things to do every single day. Yes, that means you never need to think about random fun things to do EVER again.

2 Waze

I love LA traffic...said no one ever. Waze is probably the most useful app in Los Angeles. It runs as the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Open Waze to share and receive real-time traffic and road info. It gets you where you need to go in less time, using less gas.

3 Caviar

If you have a taste for the finer things in life look to Caviar for your culinary decisions. The key to success for this LA app is quality. You can’t find just any old restaurant on here. Caviar only delivers the best of the best to your doorstep.

4 Hike Los Angeles

Hiking a local trail is a Los Angeles must. If you’re looking for the road less travelled, or just some fun new routes to try out, do yourself a favor and download Hike Los Angeles. The app provides you with a personal curated list of hiking trails around LA. Each trail comes with information on difficulty, distance, duration, ratings, and more. Opt for the scenic route and take a look at Hike Los Angeles.

5 LA Times

Personalized your news feed with the LA Times. Get up-to-date on all things Los Angeles with this simple, easy to use interface. From local news coverage, weather forecasts, business reports, sports news and more there is nothing you can’t find out on the LA Times app.
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