Vegas: The BATHHOUSE Spa Is a Tucked Away Treasure

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During the busy holiday season, we would all be best served by treating ourselves to a little pampering amid the hustle and bustle. One of the most soothing spots on the Strip is the BATHHOUSE Spa located inside The Delano, which is the beautiful and chic boutique hotel adjacent to Mandalay  Bay.

Upon entering, the BATHHOUSE Spa completely immerses you in a serene and luxurious environment. Embracing the surrounding environment, they infuse many of their treatment offerings with locally sourced ingredients like cacti, wildflowers and more beneficial wonders found in the Nevada desert. The spa’s Desert Stone massage will melt away all the tension in your life, utilizing desert sage lemon blossom oil during the 50 or 80 minute treatment. A personal favorite is the Thai Fusion massage, which blends Thai, Shiatsu and Qi Stick rolling techniques to make for a full-sensory relaxation experience. One of the more popular options at the BATHHOUSE Spa is the Double the Pleasure Massage, where your body is treated to not one, but two talented therapists working out all your kinks in beautiful synchronicity.

Another great option to take advantage of at the BATHHOUSE Spa are the luxurious baths which submerge you in herbal and essential oils for a deeply therapeutic treatment. The Delano Signature Fizz Bath features a scented “fizz” that dissolves into essential oils that will leave your skin feeling as soft as they day you were born. There are also Milk and Honey, along with mud baths to select from. If you’re feeling especially stressed, the BATHHOUSE Spa offers a Total Body Detox Soak that is designed to help remove all the toxins from every cell in your body.

The BATHHOUSE Spa also offers exclusive Global Journeys treatment offerings that are designed to recharge your mind, body and soul through invigorating practices incorporated from around the world. You will cap all of these “journeys” off with some soothing tea and a relaxation ritual from that particular region. The Asia experience totals four hours and includes a Jade Detox Body Treatment, a soothing Lotus Flower Facial, Jade Detox Manicure, which is then followed by the Jade Detox Pedicure. If you’re looking for a more concise Global Journey, opt for the India package, which includes an Equilibrium Mud Bath, Chakra-Balancing Body Treatment and an uplifting Amethyst Stone Facial. These are unlike any spa treatments you have tried before and are something to be savored.

The holiday season is the perfect time to recharge yourself for the upcoming year ahead and for a truly rejuvenating spa experience, treat yourself to a day at The Delano’s BATHHOUSE Spa.

BATHHOUSE Spa at Delano
3940 South Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 632-4760

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