5 Most Extravagant Christmas Gifts For Men 2015

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Is the man in your life difficult to buy for? Desire the ultimate luxe gift? Read on to discover some of the most extravagant gifts available for men this holiday season.

1 Utopia: The Ultimate Luxury

Utopia comes at a price; a very steep one at that. Harnessing the grandest ideas from the most brilliant minds, this conceptual product is looking for the most discerning buyers. Their advert page explains: "Before we begin it’s worth pointing out that this product will set you back several hundred million, minimum. Project Utopia deserves your full attention, unencumbered by thoughts of ogling millionaires; this baby is strictly for billionaires and beyond. You see in order to showcase their astounding capabilities, our good friends at Yacht Island Design and BMT Nigel Gee have set about developing several concept proposals, the most bonkers of which is the breathtakingly awesome Project Utopia. No, this isn’t a joke. Measuring 100m in length and breadth, and spanning over 11 luxed-out decks, there is enough room on Project Utopia to create an entire micro-nation. It’s ideal for ocean-going megalomaniacs bent on world domination. And you needn’t worry about puking on your Nehru jacket because this floating behemoth is designed for minimum motion, even in the most extreme sea conditions."

2 Virgin Galactic Offers A Truly Heavenly Journey Above The Clouds: Space Flight

Virgin Galactic notes that only 552 people have been to space. They have vowed on their website to change that by opening up space flight to citizens. If the man in your life seeks the ultimate adventure vacation, and money is no object, this is a gift that is sure to send him over the moon.

3 Private Jets: Travel In VIP Style

Is there anything more glam than traveling aboard your own personal aircraft? You can purchase a jet or helicopter for the jet-setting man in your life for the holidays to give him a truly remarkable Christmas to remember.

4 Horse Racing: The Sport Of Kings

There is a reason that horse racing is considered the sport of kings. The opulent settings of the grandest tracks and high-society structure within the elite world are known to only the most glamorous and elite. The Emirates Racing Authority provides you with an excellent opportunity to become part of this world through their annual racehorse sale, which occurs during the holiday season.

5 Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Mustang Convertible

This gift is certain to get his engines revving! A singular car sure to appeal to enthusiasts and serious collectors alike, the 2015 Neiman Marcus Limited-Edition Mustang Convertible commemorates Mustang's 50th Anniversary with 700+ Supercharged Horsepower. This powerful pony hits 60mph in 3.5 seconds. The driving experience is further enhanced with unique chassis and suspension tuning, a race-inspired dual exhaust system, lightweight forged 20" wheels, and an exclusive livery-covered Aero-enhanced body. Gift includes an exclusive two-day Ford Racing School Course.
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