Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Continues to Redefine Gourmet French Cuisine in Las Vegas

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A decadent culinary dining experience in Las Vegas is fairly easy to find on The Strip, but not all restaurants are created equal. Since opening at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in 2009, Twist by award-winning chef, Pierre Gagnaire, has served as one of the finest French fusion restaurants in Sin City and for good reason.

Chef Pierre Gagnaire owns several acclaimed restaurants around the world, but Twist marked his first foray into Las Vegas. Gagnaire’s reputation for his signature pairings of unparalleled flavor and texture has earned himself the prestigious ranking of three Michelin stars for his restaurant in Paris and Twist took home Forbes’ Five-Star award in 2014. Twist has consistently made all the right moves during the course of its Las Vegas run, recently introducing a talented new head chef, along with delicious seasonal menu items, to go along with its first-class customer service.

Twist sits atop the 23rd floor of the Mandarin Oriental, where its breathtaking dining room includes floor-to-ceiling windows that provides you with stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip. There’s also an exquisitely designed glass staircase that takes you up to Twist’s suspended wine loft, which is certainly something unique. The restaurant also boasts one of the more distinct lighting concepts, as more than 300 gold globes dangle in the air, making it appear as though they are floating. Twist is perhaps best known for its special tasting menus, which allow you the opportunity to savor some of the restaurant’s most decadent dishes as opposed to only trying one or two. At a restaurant like Twist, this option is ideal. The Grand Tasting menu starts you off with a poached egg, which has been infused with Amaretto Sabayon, seasonal mushrooms, chives and then topped with bacon powder. Then you’ll enjoy a delicious Florida spiny lobster, before diving into some fresh Maine scallop mousseline. These are served with pumpkin velour, white alba truffle paste, parmesan tile tomato and squid tart, for a most flavorful dish. The five-course tasting menu starts at $155 before wine pairings and then lavish, six-course tasting menu is $170. But for those looking to really sample the best of Twist, opt for the Lucky Number Seven Pairing, which will set you back $777, but is so much more than just a meal, it truly is an unforgettable French culinary experience you’ll be raving about to all your friends. When it comes to the main course options, meat lovers will marvel at the collection of fine cuts like, Californian Wagyu beef filet, Nebraska prime ribeye and a mouthwatering Pennsylvania veal chop. The fresh Mediterranean sea bass, along with the New Zealand Ora King Salmon are both popular selections as well. Vegetarians are also treated to a robust menu, such as the signature beers and blood orange salad and our personal favorite, the creamy potato gnocchi that comes served with braised baby carrots, cauliflower and crispy Nori tempura. For those that really want to splurge, the Royal Ossetia Caviar provides 1oz of premium Russian Sturgeon caviar, along with the traditional accompaniments of Mimosa egg, onion, capers and whipped cream French mini blinis.Twist also features plenty of fresh seasonal fare and their special holiday menus are always eagerly anticipated.

If you’re looking to take your taste buds on a memorable trip, the playful French fusion found at Twist by Pierre Gagnaire makes for a Las Vegas meal unlike any other.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire at Mandarin Oriental
3752 South Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89158
(702) 590-8888

Featured photo courtesy of Twist

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