MIA: 5 Fitness Studios To Help You Unpack Holiday Pounds

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Spice up your fitness life. Here are five fitness studios in Miami you probably haven’t heard about and that are definitely worth a visit and maybe even a membership…

1 Sensory

Sensory is a stimulating space that will whip you into tip-top shape with the help of founders, Enrique Gomez and Guillermo De Novi. Their combined backgrounds in personal training come together to offer a workout experience unlike any other. Expect good beats, lasers, black lights, and lasers. Did we mention the fog machine? All these elements come together to create an atmosphere filled with positive energy, exactly what we all need for a good workout. Sensory offers five unique workouts: strength, sweat, swing, stretch, and six-pack, all which stimulate the muscles and get that heart pumping.
8790 SW 132nd St Miami, FL 33176

2 DBC Fitness

Bet you can't guess what DBC stands for... "Dumbbells, barbells, and cables." Meet the first fitness boutique in Miami's Design District, DBC Fitness. Who said that the Design District was only good for shopping? Break a sweat alongside athletes like Dwyane Wade and Reshad Jones. Unlike other gyms, DBC Fitness does not charge any membership fees. Instead, customers work one-on-one with a personal trainer who will create a customized plan after a consultation session. No machines in this gym, just good ol' classic accessories.
3841 NE 2nd Ave Suite #103, Miami, FL 33137

3 Primal Fit Miami

Primal Fit Miami is a training facility located in North Miami ideal for driven individuals that are serious about their health and wellness. They describe themselves as the “anti-gym,” as Primal Fit offers a more complete and individualized approach to health and fitness. The mastermind behind the fitness studio? Matt. Matt studied exercise science and started off training people out of his garage. Now, he's upgraded to this space complete with battle ropes, weighted bags, AstroTurf floors, and even an area for VitaSquad IVs. Classes range from afterburn metabolic training, to industrial training.
9531 NE 2nd Ave, Miami Shores, FL 33138

4 Morphe

Morphe is a unique fitness studio dreamed up by Robert Santamarina. It's here where people can unleash their hidden potential and transform their bodies and minds. Offerings at Morphe range from spa treatments like massages and infrared pressure body wrap, to the city's first bouldering classes. From gravity fitness training, to electoral muscle stimulation, Morphe has got you covered. Complete your workout with an omakase tasting of "shushi."
810 SW 22nd Ave, Miami, FL 33135

5 Body and Soul

Body and Soul is a boutique fitness club located in Coconut Grove. This is a high-energy boutique club for those looking to shed some pounds and tone their muscles. Led by an elite team of instructors, Body and Soul offers classes ranging from cardio dance and boxing, to strength training and indoor cycling. One of their most popular classes is the Videosync class. It's a high-energy, high-intenisty workout complete with easy to follow choreographed dance moves that will have you sweating and burning calories in no time. A nice little touch: juice bar attendants will have your post-workout meal ready for you on your way out.
3183 SW 38th Ct, Coconut Grove, FL 33146
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