Dallas: The Wild Detectives Serve Up Books and Beer

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The Wild Detectives is a combination bookstore, coffee shop and wine bar.
The Wild Detectives is a combination bookstore, coffee shop and wine bar.in Bishop Arts District

Photo Credit: The Wild Detectives

The Wild Detectives is a trendy bookstore where you can get a book and a local beer.

Situated in the trendy Bishop Arts District, this 1940s style bungalow is a great place to enjoy a Negroni or a glass of Spanish wine while perusing books or listening to a poetry reading. The store carries the classics as well as edgy new authors — many of them local. The warm, casual atmosphere encourages you to sit down and page through the volumes that line the walls. It feels a bit like spending the afternoon at a friend’s house. . . a friend with walls lined with unique books, that is.

The owners, Paco Vique and Javier García del Moral, say that their mission is to curate experiences for the people who come into the store. The experiences aren’t just literary, either. Locally roasted coffee, pastries, and Pan Tumaca, a breakfast tosta topped with grated tomatoes, Arbequina olive oil, and Maldon salt are waiting to accompany you to the literary destination of your choice. Later in the day you might choose a cocktail with a light appetizer plate or a generous slice of pie from Emporium Pies. If that was all Vique and del Moral provided their patrons with it would be wonderful but there’s so much more.

Vique and Javier Garcia del Moral, are from Spain and they work for a multi-national construction company as civil engineers. While they may lack experience running a book store they certainly don’t lack heart. The store has taken off and is one of the best meeting places in Dallas.

Out back there is an area to sit, read, and enjoy the day. Sometimes there are concerts and other events as well. It’s a cozy spot to work on your laptop or hang out on social media. It’s an even better spot to meet up with friends. You can catch the screening of an indie film or attend a book signing, like the upcoming presentation by Louisa Hall, author of the acclaimed new novel, Speak.

Light up your world with a good book
Light up your world with a good book

Photo Credit: The Wild Detectives

The Wild Detectives is a bar, a coffee shop, a tapas bar, and a bookstore all rolled into 1,000 square feet of welcoming space. It’s important to note that there are reading nooks scattered throughout and you can usually find an unoccupied spot. Good to know if you tend to feel claustrophobic in crowded areas. Parking, like most of the Bishop Arts District, is hard to come by so wear comfortable shoes in case you find that you have to walk farther than you anticipated.

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