Haute Hidden Vegas: Discover The Bold History of Sin City At The Mob Museum

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92m0ok15While many know that the mob played a pivotal role in turning Las Vegas from a barren desert into the iconic travel destination we know today, few are aware of the true stories that helped shape the city. Fortunately, The Mob Museum now exists to provide us with proper documentation and all the sordid details of one of the most notorious eras of not just Sin City, but the entire United States.

Opening its doors in 2012, The Mob Museum has become a popular destination for Las Vegas locals, while few tourists are aware of the spot, which is located far from The Strip in the revitalized Downtown area. The actual museum is housed in the old Las Vegas Post Office and Courthouse, which was originally built in 1933.

Upon entering, you can take a self-guided tour, where you’ll learn firsthand how organized crime transformed the city of Las Vegas, through true stories, interactive areas and entertaining exhibits. The museum’s showpiece lies on the second floor, where an actual courtroom still resides. This is the same courtroom that was used during the historical Kefauver Committee hearings, which exposed organized crime in the early 1950’s. One of the other cool exhibits that The Mob Museum acquired is the famed Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre brick wall, which still has actual bloodstains on it left from the shootout of the North Side Irish gang led by Bugs Moran and one of the world’s most notorious criminals, Al Capone. There’s even an actual Tommy gun, which you can pose with and (pretend) shoot, which makes for some really great souvenir photos from your trip. The Mob Museum also lets you sit in a replica of an electric chair, listen to actual wire taps, and you can even test your crime-solving skills in the police simulator.  Plus, be sure to check out The Mob Museum’s screening room, which compiles iconic scenes from all the best gangster movies, from the original Scarface, to more modern classics like, Goodfellas, Donnie Brasco, and of course, Casino.

While Las Vegas is home to some pretty historical places, there’s nothing quite like spending time at The Mob Museum to provide a different context to the origins of Sin City. All the rich history is recreated and brought to life with such authenticity; you’ll feel like you actually lived through it, just with less bullet holes to show.
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